Why Many Are Using HGH For Bodybuilding

Body building is a serious endeavor for millions of men and women world wide. Whether the goal is body sculpting, weight lifting, competitive body building, or just to get the abs in shape for summer, many are committed to a serious routine of muscle conditioning.Bodybuilding And HGH

The Importance Of HGH to Bodybuilding

In order to build muscle, you need the right materials. Proper nutrition and rest are as important as regular workouts for creating the musculature that each individual is looking for. But it goes farther than that. You need to have the proper environment and conditions to work with. If your body is not your ally in your body building efforts, a lot of work will simply be for nothing. The teen age years and early twenties are prime for body building efforts because the human body is armed and ready to cooperate.

As children, our body is focused on the work of growing up. But once the body is approaching optimum size and the main organ systems are properly developed, your hormonal mix re tools itself toward the creation of lean muscle mass, helping you create the base physique that will carry you through your peak physical years.

Human Growth Hormone, a hormone in your body that regulated childhood growth, is also one of the key factors in muscle building in your youth. The presence of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is credited with aiding in the development of both muscle and bone tissue.

Unfortunately, the body’s levels of HGH drop dramatically as we approach our 30th birthday. After that, your levels can drop by 20% or more each decade. This loss of HGH is one of the causes of loss of muscle mass and tone as we approach middle age and older.

People wanting to maximize muscle development are using HGH therapy to extend these favorable physical conditions beyond the teens and into the twenties and thirties and beyond.

HGH therapy comes in two basic forms. Synthetic HGH can be acquired legally with a prescription. Daily injections can compensate for the HGH deficiency in adults. This method is very effective but also very expensive.

Many have opted for the less costly HGH supplements. These treatments, administered in either an oral spray or in capsules and pills, do not themselves contain any HGH. Instead, they stimulate the body’s pituitary gland, increasing its level of HGH production.

HGH has many benefits for anyone involved in physical training.

First, it promotes the formation of lean muscle mass. This does not automatically translate into increased strength, but it does give the body builder the required raw material for effective strength training.

It also minimizes the body’s predilection for turning excess food energy into fat, a problem that plagues serious body builders as they try to maintain an optimum physique after their teen years.

HGH therapy also results in an increased metabolism, allowing your body to function better during physical activity.

Lowered HGH levels are one of the factors which contribute to loss of bone density. By using HGH therapy, you can maintain a strong and resilient skeletal system. It does little good to have strong, bulky muscles if you don’t have the bones to hold them together.

HGH Or Steroids

When people think of body building, their thoughts often turn to steroids, chemicals which help body builders bulk up quickly and easily. Steroids, which are strictly controlled substances, have a variety of well publicized side effects. While they produce muscle bulk, they are not really a proper body building tool.

Most steroids work by increasing the size of the individual muscle cell by causing them to swell up with excess water. While this creates a dramatic change in the appearance and the power of a person’s physique, no new muscle tissue is created.

If your goal is to create and maintain lean muscles, consider raising your HGH levels naturally as a safe and effective way to maximize the results of your efforts.

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