Gilmore HealthThe Bruxt10 Trust, a minority-owned healthcare publishing company established in 2007, has owned and operated since 2018. It has grown to become a leading source for medical facts, always striving to provide users with accurate, easy-to-understand information better than what they can get elsewhere.

Our editorial team seeks to make available to an audience comprising both consumers and healthcare professionals the latest, helpful information from peer-reviewed, evidence-based research. It also provides users with authoritative, unbiased, and accurate content from sources including medical societies, professional associations, royal colleges, governmental organizations (such as the CDC, FDA, and NIH), and patients’ groups.

We rely on credible and trusted sources to provide you with authoritative content on the latest developments. Our editorial team adopts a methodical approach to the selection of news sources. It ensures coverage of all aspects of medicine and health, not leaving out rare medical disorders. Our areas of focus, content-wise, include:

  • News content is prepared and curated by our diligent, meticulous editorial team
  • Features on health and lifestyle
  • Anti Aging
  • Internal reference material on issues that matter to you
  • Comprehensive, analytical reporting on health and lifestyle matters

Our technology and website teams make the most of available and latest technologies to ensure you get the best experience. As a result, you can access, view, and share Gilmore Health content in diverse ways, including:

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Our Sources of Funding

We may need to state that we do not sell content. We provide everything free, without any charge or need for registration. Gilmore Health also does not sell any product or service.

But we would like you to know that this website relies on advertising money to run. Allowing advertisers access to our platform makes it possible for us to continue producing free, informative content for our users across the globe.

Advertisements, sponsored content, affiliate programs, and other partnerships provide financial support for Gilmore Health. The money we get from these partnerships is what enables us to provide users with valuable information on different conditions, including expert opinions, videos, and animations. However, be assured that these payments will not influence our editorial views. Sponsors have no influence on the content we create, except for input pertaining to broad topic areas.

There are ad and sponsorship guidelines we abide by to keep our editorial objectivity from being swayed by advertising. We select ads to display and plainly distinguish ads from our editorial content as well as differentiate sponsored content from non-sponsored content. Gilmore Health does not endorse any of the products you may come across on the site.

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The leadership of Gilmore Health boasts impressive knowledge depth and expertise in their different fields. It has more than 23 years of combined experience in the online health content space. The company remains a leader in online health publishing, an industry that increasingly rivals traditional health publishing, while also continuing to wax stronger.

Our Goals

Human beings have reached a stage in evolution where they desire to transform themselves —mentally, emotionally, and physically. To help us at Gilmore Health achieve our goals, we are continuously seeking out products, diets, and procedures that will regenerate our bodies, reverse aging, enhance our minds, and allow us to live healthier lives. The goal to look and feel younger is front and center.

As a result, Gilmore Health offers news and information on diets, products, exercise, etc. that will reduce/reverse the signs of aging and help you to look and feel younger, have more energy, increase your strength, reduce body fat, and improve mental acuity and sex drive. The site is geared to assist in your transformation, and even accelerate it, by offering you the most current information so that you can live a life that is not limited by your age. All of our articles are edited by medical professionals and kept up to date.

With the possibility of living an extended life, our achievements, our legacy, and our productivity suddenly look different. Today there are options available to us that didn’t exist just a decade ago. Today we have choices that were only available to the wealthy previously. History tells us when society goes through these phases society is transformed.

What Gilmore Health has to Offer – What’s in it for You?

Enjoy the amazing community here at Gilmore Health News, made up of healthcare professionals who want to share their knowledge with you so that you can lead a healthier life.

  • Learn about different products and services
  • Read reviews on various products and services
  • Educate yourself by accessing the in-depth information and articles at

Almost all of us have paid good money for a product that didn’t perform as expected leaving us disappointed and out of pocket money, not to mention the shipping and handling costs associated with these products. Millions share in this kind of disappointment.

According to Fraud Watch Network, consumer fraud is up by more than 60% since 2008, totaling more than $525 million in loss. While scams and false promises aren’t new, the internet has opened up the global market with thousands of new false claims and scams hitting the market every single day. Our goal is to provide you with a wealth of quality information that will allow you to educate yourself so that you do not fall for any of these scams or false promises. Instead, you will be prepared to make good decisions about your health, your lifestyle, and your goal to reduce the signs of aging.

What Makes Gilmore Health News Different?

At Gilmore Health, we won’t just write product reviews and then leave you hanging. Instead, our focus is to provide you with:

  • A Sense of Community – Whether you are asking questions reading questions from other consumers, or sharing your experiences, Gilmore Health provides a place where your voice and the voices of all others can be heard.
  • A Place for Consumer Education – Enjoy the neutral atmosphere where you can trust what you read because we hire medical professionals and health care professionals with a passion for sharing their expertise so that you can become more educated and make educated decisions.

Our goal is to build a relationship of trust with you the consumer, and we will do that by providing solid information on products, services, diets, procedures, etc. that are not paid for or provided by companies or manufacturers, but rather by highly educated medical and health care providers.

However, our content should never be used to self-diagnose. You should always seek medical health help. We will however hope to help you to increase your energy, sharpen your mind, improve your sex drive, reduce your wrinkles and fine lines, decrease your belly fat, increase your muscle mass, and more so that you feel younger and healthier.