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Herbal Teas Many Are Now Using Herbal Teas for Constipation - Introduction Even the most healthy looking people may suffer from constipation. It is a common problem for people of all…
AIDS HIV Eliminated with Novel Approach in Animals - HIV-1 virus DNA was eliminated in the genome of animals, thanks to genomic editing (CRISPR-Cas9) combined with antiretroviral therapy. For…
Aging Woman Sexuality in Women: Does Sexual Desire Decrease With Age? - Over the years, everything changes, including sexual desire. Sexual urge decreases over the years because of hormones. In women, menopause…
Sweet Drinks Sugary Drinks: A Possible Cause of Cancer - The consumption of sugary drinks continues to increase all over the world. Fruit juices, sodas and other sugary drinks are…
Kenya Overview of the State of Health in Kenya - The health status of people in Kenya has improved significantly, resulting in an increase in life expectancy in good health…
Losing Weight Why Can’t I lose Weight Even Though I am Dieting and Exercising - You Fail to Exercise Correctly It could be baffling that you are not able to lose weight when you do…

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