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Carbon 60 The latest anti-aging trends for 2019 - Diseases, natural calamities, and starvation didn’t allow people to live more than a few decades in the past. Therefore, anti-aging
Sperm Fertilizes Egg Researchers to Start Testing Male Contraceptive Gel - Male Contraception Options There is little men can do when it comes to birth control. They either use a condom
Frankenstein Frankenstein Protein Can Promote Tissue Healing, Researchers Show - "Frankenstein Protein" That Promotes Wound Healing Researchers from Duke University and Washington University in the U.S. have demonstrated how bio-materials
HGH Deficient Obese Adult Why is it impossible to lose weight for HGH deficient people? - What is Human Growth Hormone? Human Growth Hormone is an essential hormone produced by the pituitary gland. HGH stimulates growth,
The Connection Between Heredity And Longevity Genetics Have Less Effect on Longevity, Calico Study Shows - Longevity May Not Be So Much About Your Genes There is this sort of resignation that people feel when they
Robot With Soft Skin Human-like robots: Soft Skin and Flexible electronics - The original concept of human-like robots The idea of a robot with human-like features has been around for decades. All

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