Category: Anti Aging

Studying Mice In Space To Find A Cure for Aging.

What is the most drastic difference between life on earth and on space? Outside the gravitational pulls of earth, all living organisms experience weightlessness. Feeling no effects of gravity …

Vampire facial spreads HIV in New Mexico

A widely popular skin rejuvenation therapy, Vampire Facial has gained immense popularity since Kim Kardashian recently publicly talked about its benefits. She even posted a photo of herself undergoing …

HGH Injections: An In-depth Look

Overview Of HGH Injections One of the most powerful substances known to man is synthetic Human growth hormone (HGH). Like anabolic steroids, HGH has had its time in the …

A genetic cure for all aging woes

An amazing new study that can stop all the problems of aging at its root has recently come to light. The findings suggest not only a cure to wrinkles …

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