Author: Young Bo Sim

Can The Protein GDF11 Reverse Aging?

History It seems that humans have always been fascinated by the concept of anti-aging. In the 1950s, scientists conducted an interesting yet weird experiment in which they connected the …

Kombucha: Trend or Hidden Secret?

Kombucha? A Fermented Elixir? Kombucha: What is it? All over the internet, you’ll find lists of so-called superfoods, and you’ll often find kombucha on these lists. Some people swear …

Vaping: Not as Safe as You Think

Vaping: Not a Safe Alternative Vaping is an alternative method of smoking from the conventional use of cigarettes. Vaping is a general term that involves the inhalation of vapor …

New Research Links Wrinkles to Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer & Wrinkles Two new studies were released recently finding results that linked age-related skin changes to raising the risk of melanoma spreading to all organs. It was …

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