Acne Triggers: 7 Surprising Things That Can Give You Even More Pimples

Is your skin prone to getting blackheads and blemishes, as well as excessive sebum production? Yet, it’s not due to a lack of good skin care with proper products (makeup remover, cleanser, non-comedogenic moisturizer, lotion, masks…)!  What if the problem stems from certain habits you have every day? After all, to treat and keep acne, under control every little thing counts, and yet without you necessarily being aware of it, some surprising things you do can lead to a few pimples popping out. Add hormones to the mix, and your skin doesn’t stand a chance! If you feel like unsightly red pimples are popping up out of nowhere, this might give you some clues.

Young Woman With Acne

Young Woman With Acne

Keep in mind that a dermatologist can direct you to a treatment that can effectively treat your pimples based on your specific condition. It is however wise to visit sites such as ArabiaMD and the American Academy of Dermatology, for more info on what criteria you should consider when searching for a good dermatologist.

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Could your pimples be caused by your phone?

Are your pimples always appearing in the same place where your phone rests when you make a call? If so, it’s no wonder you are getting these pimples! Our phones get touched with dirty hands all day long and they’re all over the place. This means the screen gets covered with bacteria, which then find their way onto your skin. Also, pressing your phone against your cheek or chin for long periods of time can promote sebum secretion. So remember to clean and disinfect your phone more regularly. And if you can use the speakerphone or hands-free phone mode, go for it!

Skin peeling with harsh or inappropriate products

Irritating products are not recommended. Still, if you have blemishes, and oily skin that tends to have excess sebum, your tendency is to use harsh exfoliants morning and night. However, drying using such products on your skin only encourages the production of more sebum and therefore the appearance of pimples. So it’s crucial to use gentle products that are suitable for your skin type. And if you do use natural products, make sure they are not comedogenic and that you are not allergic to them. Not all skin types can tolerate aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or tea tree essential oil. So test before applying anything to your skin.

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Forgetting to wash your face after exercise

There are some times when you shouldn’t forget to wash your face: if you’ve put on makeup if you’ve worn a breathing mask, and if you’ve exercised! After sweating, cleansing your face with a gentle cleansing gel will remove impurities that may clog your skin pores. Remember that moisture and sweat are breeding grounds for microbes. If you pay attention to your hygiene after exercising or sweating, you can avoid blackheads and pimples on your back, cleavage, and shoulders.

Dairy products in some people

Many people notice a connection between their diet and the appearance of pimples on their faces. And unfortunately, dairy products are among the most notorious! Between the lactose and traces of residual hormones in milk, the possibility of breakouts increases. In fact, these elements become androgens once they are in the body, especially testosterone, which promotes skin problems. To avoid this replace milk with plant-based products.

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A pillowcase that wasn’t changed often

I’m not sure if this is really a surprising cause of pimples! In fact, we spend hours on these covers with sweat, dead skin, sebum, dust, mites, etc. getting trapped in them. No wonder your skin can’t stand them, especially since cotton absorbs moisture and bacteria very well. To put an end to the appearance of small pimples in the morning, change your pillowcases more regularly. You can also opt for a silk pillowcase, which is soft on the skin, less absorbent than cotton, and antibacterial. Of course, the same goes for makeup brushes and sponges, which should be cleaned at least once a week.

Smoking also promotes the appearance of pimples

It is a well-known fact that tobacco dulls the complexion and promotes the appearance of wrinkles. But did you know that smoking is also one of the surprising things that cause pimples? To be more specific, smoking doesn’t actually trigger acne. However, it thickens the epidermis and thus guarantees the appearance of more pimples.

Toothpaste is the cause of pimples around the mouth.

If you always see pimples in the same place around your mouth, it could be related to the sodium lauryl sulfate in your toothpaste. This ingredient is particularly irritating. Therefore, it can lead to very visible pimples and irritation. The only solution here is to find an SLS-free formula and see if that improves the situation. And of course, don’t skimp on rinsing the edges of your mouth if your toothpaste contains SLS.

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