A silicone Head Implant to grow Taller?

Carla Bruni towers about 10cm higher than her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president when they are on level ground. You do not want to know what  happens when  she  is on a pair of heels.

Dr de la Cruz Silicone Head Implant

Silicone Head Implant

Often times, many are not comfortable with their heights and hope there is something they can do about it.  The good news is that a surgical procedure has been developed to solve this problem, at least, to an extent is capable of adding up to two inches to a person’s height. It would however involve the insertion of a silicone head implant.

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A minute incision is made on one side of the head, and the implant is passed into the space between the scalp and the calvarium. In a bid to assist persons who are a little below the mark for job requiring a minimum height, Dr. Luis de la Cruz developed the procedure. Already, persons seeking to join the military, police force, firefighters or work as air hostesses and models are already booking for surgery in his clinic in Madrid, Spain. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and costs about  $5,000. Most commonly, Patients are discharged the following day, with only a minute scar that can be covered by their hair.

This simple procedure can change the narrative

De la Cruz said: “It is a relatively simple procedure that can have a wonderfully positive effect on the patient’s life. Like most good ideas it came to me in a flash. I was approached by a young woman who had always dreamed of becoming an air stewardess. She was rejected for being half an inch too small and asked if there was any technique to add to her height. At the time the only way was through lengthening the leg bones, which is an extreme and traumatic option. It got me thinking. I carry out many chin implant operations, and suddenly I thought, ‘Why not an implant between the skull and the scalp?'”

The plastic surgeon with many years of experience added: “The woman who sparked my interest was the third to have it done. She is very happy with the result and is now an air stewardess.”

Expressing great pleasure,  Eugenia, a woman patient said: “It changed my life. I look a different person.”

This Surgery Can Make You Taller, But It Is Not For Everyone

The operation is carried out only at The Clinica La Luz in Madrid worldwide.  The implant measures between 1in (3cm) and 2in (5cm) high. It is a two-step procedure with the first aimed at stretching the scalp.

However, Clinical psychologist Javier Hernandez has other ideas. As in the case of a man who had leg-lengthening surgery to enable him to join the Army but deserted after half a year because he was unhappy, Javier posits that “People should think long and hard before having this surgery.”

Besides, the procedure is contraindicated in those with a long and thin head as it could lead to an unusual appearance like a conehead. Regardless this is one of the strangest procedures for height increase out there and it would be wiser to consider other proven options or yet just accept the way you are.





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