The Advantages of Being Taller Than The Average Height

To be honest, being tall is an advantage. In fact, it is likely harder to come up with any reason(s) why it might be bad. People that are taller than the average actually get a leg up during childhood, in social settings, in the workplace, and in many other places. The average height for a man in the United States is 5 feet 9.5 inches and for women is 5 feet 4 inches.Tall Person Playing Basketball

Let’s look at some of the advantages Of Being Taller Than The Average Person.

#1 You get to eat more

To grow taller you need plenty of additional calories than a shorter person would need. What’s so great is that the extra food you enjoy isn’t likely to be noticed by anyone because that extra weight is spread out over your tall body.

#2 Height is an advantage

Children enjoy the benefits of being tall and that carries through into being an adult. Their height never held them back in amusement parks. This also continues in adulthood so tall people can reach places no one else can reach, see over the heads of the crowd for viewing at festivals, reach high cupboards, and more.

#3 Taller people will get paid more

According to Live Science, annually taller people will make $789 more per extra inch, which is a significant amount.

#4 Tall people get chosen first in sports

Long legs and arms have an advantage that most of us are well aware of especially in Basketball. A really tall person has an easier time kicking the ball, reaching the net, running faster, etc.

#5 Your head is above the crowd

When finding yourself in a large crowd at an event like an indoor show or outdoor concert a tall person gets the best views because they are usually taller than most of the people present.  And god forbid if you end up sitting in the theater behind a person much taller than you.

#6 You likely were never chubby and will not be chubby in adulthood

If you are tall, your baby fat spread more quickly than of an average child, so you spend very little time as a child being chubby. It also means that as an adult it’s unlikely that you struggle with being chubby, but rather have a more sleek physique.

#7 You will be able to have more fun in a swimming pool

It’s easier for you than it is for others to keep their head above water because you are able to stand in the deep end, so for you, there’s no effort involved to stay above water.

#8 Men can stand taller on a date

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There’s this thing about men being taller than a woman. Whether it is right or wrong people tend to stare. So if you are a tall man then you don’t have to worry about this as you’ll likely be taller than the woman. If you find a woman taller than you, and you end up marrying her, you better be prepared for very tall children and a lot of strange looks.

#9 You won’t need a step stool

Whether it’s reaching the top shelf to dig something out or to put the groceries away, when you are nice and tall you have the advantage of not needing to use a step stool. Haven’t you ever noticed how shorter people zone in on a tall person to help them out with these high space challenges?

#10 You get your own holiday when you are taller

It’s true! Hug A Tall Person’s Day is a full day devoted to loving tall people. A group on Facebook has 1.2 million members around the world that have declared February 11 as ‘Hug a Tall Person Day’ so you get to enjoy a lot of hugs that day!

How Raising your HGH Levels Can Help You Be Taller

If you have ever had a desire to be a little taller, the answer might be raising your HGH levels why you are still growing. This is a proven way to gain those few extra inches you desire and to find yourself at your optimal height in no time. In fact, it is believed that many teenage athletes are even taking HGH illegally to give themselves the boost in height that their genes were not programmed for.

Keep in mind though HGH can only be prescribed legally to those suffering from HGH deficiency.  In children being deficient in HGH can lead to dwarfism, a condition that may cause them to be much shorter than a normal child would otherwise be at that same age.



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