14 Crazy Things People Do to Stay Young

Weirdest Things People are Doing to Stay Young

In this rat race to maintain a youthful appearance, you will be amazed at the extent to which people are willing to go. It appears that nobody really wants to get old. We all want to retain our youthful look and to be physically active as we were when we were younger. The frightening truth is that old age is inescapable, and only at the speed at which we age is at what we seem to have control on.

While some have come to accept the reality of old age, many are looking for every way to keep it off and will do just about anything to retain that young look. Here are 14 crazy things people do to stay young.

Bird shit facial

Bird-PoopYes, you read that right. How about smearing some slimy bird shit on your face to keep off aging signs? Yuck. Well, that is what some celebrities such as Victoria Beckham do to stay young. Nightingale poop has been used by Japanese Geishas for long to nourish and brighten their complexion.

Cat litter scrub

Who could have thought cat litter offers any benefits to humans? Geniuses such as Christie Brinkley know better. The elderly supermodel, who looks rather young for her age, has been rubbing cat litter on her body as a scrub while you weren’t looking. This weird treatment is supposedly helpful for keeping off cellulite.

Crocodile dung facial

For a bit more exotic excrement-focused aging treatment, you could consider crocodile droppings. This form of beauty treatment is not exactly popular these days, but it was supposedly a hit in the days of ancient Romans and Greeks. The crocodile dung is used as a face mask, obviously.

Bull semen hair treatment

If the idea of embellishing your face or body with excrement doesn’t sound as appealing as we’d expect, how about trying out bull semen for a change? This is an increasingly popular form of hair treatment in London salons. The bull semen is combined with a rare plant from Iran to help repair and strengthen the damaged hair that may result from excessive heat styling.

Leech therapy

Leech TherapyYou may be able to achieve your aim of staying and looking young by getting your blood sucked by leeches, at least that is what some people like Demi Moore claim to do. Leeches are said to be helpful in sucking out toxins from the blood for a more youthful look.

Snake venom facial

Most of us thought snake venom is supposed to be quite deadly. Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Messing are among the celebrities that seemingly stare paralysis and possible death in the face for beauty’s sake. Snake venom facial is said to enhance skin elasticity, but it does not come cheap.

Placental cream

PlacentaYou will be amazed at the sorts of things people do with baby placentas in some countries – some people even eat them for assumed health benefits. Did I hear you say disgusting? In America, people such as Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes find better use in rubbing placenta on their body to keep wrinkles off and improve skin texture. They do not rub fresh placenta juice, however, but creams containing placental protein.

Snake massage

Having a snake in your proximity can be quite terrifying, let alone touching it. Little did you know that a snake massage may be useful in retaining your youthful look – that is if you will be able to keep yourself from freaking out as the fearsome creature slither across your body. The kneading sensation produced helps to soothe sore muscles and to relieve migraines. Thankfully, this type of massage, which is common in Israel, involves the use of non-venomous snakes.

Snails ooze facial

Snail SlimeSecretion produced by snails is used in some facial gel products for improving skin elasticity. These snails are specially sourced from Chile. The snail secretion is said to be useful for naturally smoothing the shell of the tiny animal.

24 karat gold mask

Popularized by a Japanese company, 24 karat gold face mask is described as the ultimate skin care treatment. Gold supposedly helps the skin to regenerate faster as well as to look firmer and fuller within an hour! The 24 karat gold is applied in a collagen mask, helping to keep the skin moisturized and firm. As would be expected, the treatment is rather costly.

Sheep embryo

A sacrifice of a sheep embryo may be what you need to maintain a young look. I know that sounds occult, but it’s not what you think. The sheep embryo will be injected into the body. Cells from the embryo’s liver glands, bone, and other parts are used for these injections. Rock artist Debby Harry said she received such an injection several decades ago – this may explain why she looks quite young for her age.

Face slapping

Face SlappingYou probably never thought that getting your face slapped could do you a whole lot of good. Face slapping can help you keep away wrinkles and pores. But not just any slap on your face will deliver desired results; you need it to be done by an expert. People pay up to $350 in Thailand for a 15-minute session of face slapping, pinching and manipulation to maintain a beautiful and youthful look.

Urine rub

Urine supposedly offers some great health benefits, which is why some are advised to drink it. Yuck! If the idea of guzzling down your urine does not sound friendly to your taste bud, maybe you will be able to rub it on your body. Application of urine on the skin can help clear eczema, acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. It is advised that you rub it on first thing in the morning.

Preparation H

Preparation HIn the normal scheme of things, Preparation H is supposed to be a cream for hemorrhoid treatment. It has been used by celebrities such as Christy Turlington and Demi Moore to eliminate dark circles and bags around the eyes.

If you are willing to take some extreme, disgusting and scary actions to remain youthful and beautiful, you may try out these crazy things that people do to stay young. Baby food, collagen drinks, noodle bath, and purple foods are some of the other things that people do to stay young.





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