The 7 Craziest Anti-aging Trends That Are Popular Currently

Desiring a youthful look is completely understandable. Our face is what represents us to the outside world and it is only natural to want to look your best. However, there are some anti-aging fanatics who are willing to go to crazy lengths for just an additional glow and fewer wrinkles. Here are the 7 craziest anti-aging trends that have gripped the world.


Snail SlimeIt is exactly what the name suggests; snail slime is the mucus produced naturally by snails. If you go to your nearest department store, you are highly likely to find a whole category of products dedicated simply to snail slime. Ranging from face-masks to toners and creams, snail slime is a highly versatile ingredient. According to the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, products containing this ingredient have the ability to significantly reduce wrinkles and give you a shiny glow.


Bee VenomYou might be shocked that something with the word venom in it can actually be applied to your face. Bee venom is in fact quite a popular treatment regimen for anti-aging. Thanks to the rumors about Kate Middleton using this product, its popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years. Costing you 130$ for a pot of bee venom, you can use it as a facial rejuvenator at home. The concept behind using bee venom is the skin tightening effect it produces by increasing collagen production in your skin’s dermal layer. However, before rushing to try this weird treatment, you should ensure that you are not allergic to bee venom.


PlacentaUsing a face mask made from the placenta may sound a tad bit revolting. And the name is not just a metaphor; the placenta facemask actually uses dried, sterilized powder from the placenta of humans or other animals. The mask apparently enriches your skin with proteins and enzymes while soothing your skin after laser therapies or needling. At rates of $100 to $150 per treatment, many spas and even some renowned dermatologists are now offering placenta facials.

4. Vitamin IV Drips

IV Drip With VitaminsWould you be willing to shell out a couple of hundred dollars twice a week to get infused with vitamins that may or may not actually help you with anti-aging? Surprisingly, many people answer yes. Money and time are hardly limiting factors to people who desire a reversal on aging. Although vitamins are essential for your body, too much of a good thing can be toxic. Infusing yourself with vitamins twice a week is not only unnecessary, but it can actually be harmful with toxic deleterious effects.

5. Ceramic Crystal Therapy

Ceramic Crystal TherapyMost people are familiar with ceramic bowls and plates that you only pull out of the cupboard for the occasional fancy guests. But you would be surprised to known ceramic in crystal forms are also used for anti-aging by injecting them directly into your skin. Spas offering this treatment claim that ceramic crystal infusion can give you a permanent porcelain doll look. Costing $500 to $1500 per treatment, this risky treatment is probably the strangest and most dangerous anti-aging trend currently.

6. Leech Therapy

Leech TherapyIn movies about yore, you might have seen leeches being used as a form of medical treatment. There are some studies that actually prove the efficacy of leech therapy for accelerating the wound healing process after plastic surgery. Not only is it used clinically; some people say leech therapy can have amazing anti-aging effects. The theory behind Leech therapy is its ability to purify the blood and revitalize tissues. Made popular by celebrities such as Demi Moore, some facilities are starting to promote this highly unique treatment as a solution to anti-aging.

7. Bird-Poop Facial

Bird-PoopIf you look closely at Japan’s history, you will notice a strange yet popular skin regimen of geishas and kabuki performers. They used to apply the feces of the nightingale bird on their face as part of a daily skin regimen. This weird treatment is now gaining popularity with spas offering this facial starting at $180. It is thought to be effective in removing heavy makeup, while also tightening the skin and minimizing skin discolorations. Although you can try it at home, this unhygienic treatment can leave you with skin infections and other more dangerous diseases such as bird flu.



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