10 Disturbing Things Found Growing Inside A Human body!

Throughout the years, doctors all around the world have been surprised to find out what they initially thought to be wrong with their patients had nothing to do with reality.

Pregnant Man Sanju Bhagat

Pregnant Man Sanju Bhagat

In the following article, we represent the ten most unusual cases in medical history, where doctors have discovered the strangest things growing inside a humans body!

The Ten Strangest Things Found Inside A Human Body 

  1. A twin Inside a Twin

As Sanju Bhagat, a farmer living in Mumbai grew older, his stomach was noticeably increasing, until the point that it made Sanju resemble a pregnant woman. It was the summer of 1999 that explained Sanju’s pregnant belly. Sanju experienced some breathing difficulties, and he had been transported to the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. When the doctors proceed to perform a surgery to remove the so-called tumor, they were pretty surprised to find Sanju’s actual twin inside his stomach. It turns out that Sanju has been carrying his, now, mutilated twin corpse inside his stomach. This is one of the few known cases of “fetus in fetu,” an abnormality which occurs when a fetus is literally trapped inside the body of his/her twin during their 9-month development.

  1. A worm living inside a woman’s brain

Brain Infected By Taenia Solium

Brain Infected By Taenia Solium

It was the summer of 1999 when Rosemary Alvarez has been experiencing some balance issues, difficulty swallowing, and even some numbness in her left arm. Rosemary has been referred to the Barrow Neurological Institute at the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. There, an MRI has been performed which helped Dr. Peter Nakaji discover a foreign growth inside Rosemary’s brain. Naturally, he suspected a tumor growth in her body and recommended surgery to remove the tumorous growth. However, there was no tumor growing inside, rather a small worm, known as Taenia solium. It turns out that Rosemary had been, unfortunately, served food that has been infected by feces of a person infected with this pork tapeworm parasite, which has later reached inside Rosemary’s brain and literally had been eating it. Although there have not been many cases of this kind in the past, the doctors are worried because the incidence seems to be growing.

Guava Sprout Growing Inside Tooth

Guava Sprout Growing Inside Tooth

  1. Tooth decay that turns out to be actual guava sprout

A 36-year-old man asked for immediate help from his dentist for an annoying toothache that he has been experiencing. What the dentist suspected of being tooth decay turned out to be an actual guava sprout growing inside the tooth and causing pain. Luckily, the dentist was able to remove the tooth altogether from his body and prevent any additional pain and well, guava plant growth inside the mouth of this patient.

  1. Lung tumor that was actually a pea inside the lung

Pea Sprouts In A man’s Lung

When Ron Sveden started coughing uncontrollably to the point that his wife decided to call an ambulance, nobody was ready to hear what the doctors have found. Since the X-rays discovered a mass, that they thought to be a tumor, inside Ron’s lung, they continued to perform a surgery. 

What the doctors found was not a tumor, but rather an actual pea plant growing inside the lung. Nobody was able to explain this medical mystery or at least the path through which the pea has reached Ron’s lung. The good news is that the pea plant has been eliminated, and Ron continued with his normal life.

  1. Earache due to a dandelion flower growing inside the ear

    Dandelion Flower

    Dandelion Flower

It was the year of 2013 when doctors in China performed a surgery to remove a partially grown dandelion flower from the ear canal of a girl experiencing extreme earache during the previous 16 months. Amazingly, despite the fact that this was the first case of this sort, a dandelion is not the only thing that was found to be growing inside the human ear canal. Luckily, the doctors removed the growth from the girl’s ear and were able to free her from that persistent earache.

  1. The infamous guinea-worm disease

Guinea Worm Disease

Guinea Worm Disease

According to the WHO, guinea-worm disease (Dracunculus medinensis) is a rather common disease in places around the world where people do not have clean drinking water.

This disease affects people who have drunk water that has been infected with the larvae of the guinea worm, causing no symptoms whatsoever, for as long as around one year. 

There have been multiple cases of guinea-worm disease, causing the worms to grow up to 1 meter long. This is when the worms are able to reproduce and painful blisters, usually in the area of the lower leg, develop. The blisters form as a way for the worms to leave the host’s body. Unfortunately, the recovery process is pretty painful and long, and it requires the worm to be pulled off the blister.

  1. A hairball that was mistaken for a tumor


An 18-year-old girl has been hiding a secret that has led her to the operation table. Apparently, the girl has been literally eating her own hair for many years that has led to her vomiting after each meal and progressively losing weight. Her parents became so worried that they finally decided to take her to the doctor. After X-ray was performed, the doctors decided to perform an immediate operation to remove, what they thought at the time being a tumor.

Little do they knew that they would actually find a huge hairball that has formed inside the girl’s stomach due to her secretly eating her own hair! The operation was successful, and the girl has been referred to a trained psychologist afterward to prevent that from ever happening again. Since then, other cases such as this one, now referred to as Rapunzel syndrome, have been reported.

  1. A teratoma growing next to the fetus



It was the year of 2010 when Nicola Ellington was awaiting her baby, but instead, she first gave birth to a massive teratoma growing inside her. This was the first case of a teratoma tumor growing during the pregnancy period alongside the fetus, and actually putting both the mother’s and the fetus’s lives in danger. 

A teratoma is a tumor made of several types of tissues, such as hair, bone, and muscle. In the case of Nicola, the teratoma reminded of a human skull, with actual teeth. The tumor had to be removed from her body as soon as possible as a way to save two lives. Luckily, the doctors were able to do that in just two hours! Apparently, the hormones that are produced to support the pregnancy have been found responsible for triggering the growth of the tumor.

  1. Another mistaken case of tumor



When 28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin asked for the help of his doctors for his severe chest pain and coughing blood, the doctors mistakenly thought of a tumor case. What they were surprised to find hidden away in Artyom’s lung was an actual fig growing. Apparently, it was the inhalation of a fig seed that has led to the fig growth inside the lung. However, this is still a pretty surprising medical case. Artyom has fully recovered after the operation that removed the fig growth from his body.

  1. A contraception method that went wrong

Potato Sprout

Potato Sprout

A 22-year-old woman, who had decided to stay anonymous, has been struggling with severe abdominal pains. The doctors at the hospital were experiencing difficulties trying to find out what is wrong with their patient. That is until they found an actual potato sprouting inside the vagina. The potato has been removed from her body, and the abdominal pains have been eliminated after the woman admitted that she had been inserting a potato in her vagina as a contraception method which she read online about. 


So what is the case that surprised you the most? Was it the fig or the pea in the lungs, or perhaps the potato in the vagina? Yes, these are all some pretty strange medical cases, but what were you expecting reading the topic of today’s article? The human body can be a pretty strange place! 









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