Risky New Trend: Temporary Tattoos on Lips and Eyes

There is a new makeup trend popularized on Instagram: the application of temporary tattoos to embellish eye and lip makeup!

Temporary Tattoos on the Eyes

Eye Temporary Tattoo Courtesy of Instagram

Tattoos are part of the normal street scene. In the past, you could stand out from the crowd, but now it is hardly noticeable. Unless, of course, the entire body becomes a canvas. However, there is a new makeup embraced by Instagram makeup artists. The latest trend suggests applying temporary tattoos, either in micro or macro format, over a simple eye makeup or even on bare eyelids. Without any trace of eye-shadow or mascara, the tattoo stands out most and captures great attention.

Above the temporary tattoo, the Instagram makeup stars use an abundant pass of transparent gloss, which enhances the tattoo even more and makes it almost three-dimensional.

Lip Art With Temporary Tattoos

This makeup trend involves not only the eyes but also the lips. Makeup artists widely use these temporary tattoos for the creation of enchanting lip art! Whether they are placed on all lips or only in a corner, the temporary tattoos on the mouth are an irresistible art

Like those for the eyes, lip tattoos are worn over a very light lipstick or on bare lips and are ‘sealed’ by a veil of bright gloss. A great example is the beautiful temporary tattoos in gold leaf! They are perfect for enhancing and embellishing a very dark lipstick!

Dangers of This New Trend

The rapid rise of Counterfeit consumer goods due to demand

Lips Temporary Tattoo

Lips Temporary Tattoo Courtesy of Instagram

During the manufacturing of these tattoo stickers, not all companies conform to FDA quality guidelines. Some regulations must be followed during production to ensure the safety of consumers. With this trend gaining speed, everyone wants to look trendy in these tattoos, which poses the risk of acquiring products that do not adhere to the FDA regulations. With the high demand, these products are many in the market, which poses many health risks.

Most of these tattoos come along with manuals on usage and makeup guidelines. If you use products that do not adhere to the FDA guidelines, these alternatives may affect your skin, exposing you to many health hazards.

To avoid falling in this trap, the FDA advises that before you purchase these products, first ensure that all the ingredients used in the manufacturing process are listed on the packaging or label. Also, look for reviews and see what customers are saying about the product.

Allergic Reactions

Just like permanent tattoo, temporary tattoos stickers and glitters are made of sparkles and pigments, which are considered the main culprit for triggering allergic reactions. There are two types of allergic reactions associated with these types of tattoos: One is allergic contact eczema and photoallergic dermatitis. The reactions can appear as an inflamed, red rash on the lip, and the lips can sometimes become scaly.


As mentioned earlier, these tattoos come with an application manual that should be strictly followed. One of the dangers of these temporary tattoos is the risk of infections. When you use poor quality products or wrongly apply the tattoos, you expose yourself to infections that may even turn to severe illnesses. Remember that your lips come into contact with saliva, drinks, and food and when injured could become a conduit for infections. Additionally when applying tattoos to the eyes even more care must be taken so that the eyes do not get infected or injured.

If you should decide that the artistic outcome outweighs the risks mentioned above, be sure you have your procedure done at a professional tattoo parlor by a state-licensed artist. And don’t be shy about asking them to explain their techniques—and show you the equipment in its sterile package. You will have fewer complications if you think before you ink.





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