HGH Significantly Increases the Adult Height of Children With Idiopathic Short Stature

One of the most essential hormones for normal development and growth in children for attaining a normal stature is the growth hormone. A number of different studies have demonstrated the importance and significance of recombinant growth hormone in treating children with a deficiency of GH. Children having Idiopathic short stature almost invariably fail to attain normal adult growth and height. Recombinant Human Growth Hormone also known as (rhGH) can aid these children in achieving adult stature. 

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Measuring A Child's Height

Measuring A Child’s Height


The main objective of this study was to conduct research that could analyze children with ISS. For this purpose, 123 children were treated with standardized doses of rhGH hormone. The standard dose for triggering the adult growth in children was taken as 0.32 ± 0.03 mg/kg a week. This research aimed to compare various sub-groups of children suffering from, non-familial short stature and familial short stature, normal and delayed puberty. All of the assessment was made by comparing 305 historical controls that remained untreated. This was done by randomized and non-randomized studies and these studies were done in 9 different categories.

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Results of the study

The results of the study were obtained from 88 children including males and females, all of whom attained adult height. This finding was seen after providing the children with regular supplemental doses of Growth Hormone. However, while analyzing familial and non-familial short-stature, it was observed that the non-familial short stature was severe in a significant manner than the familial short stature. Generally, there was no difference in normal and delayed puberty levels while examining all the sub-groups, instead of the non-familial and familial subgroups cohorts of short stature. This was useful for interpreting the benefit in treatments where the number is not known for the children having short stature in familial subgroups. Also, the treated subjects or controls are unknown in these studies.

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The main aim of the study was to provide the children with treatments of growth hormone so that they could attain normal adult height. The experience from this study and research was proved as positive because the height and growth of the children were normalized after getting treatment with the growth hormone during their childhood. The study ended with both of the main purposes of the study being attained by providing the children with appropriate GH during their childhood years.

Thus, children with idiopathic short stature can be treated if they are provided with standardized quantities of recombinant human growth hormone during their childhood. Recombinant growth hormone helps them grow taller ensuring they attain the heights of normal adults. The benefits obtained by the supplemental growth hormone were found to be dependent on the dose of the hormone. For instance, a higher level of growth was reported if the children were given a higher dose of the recombinant human growth hormone and vice versa. The number of studies, however, was quite limited in this field of research. As already mentioned, the topic has controversies mainly due to a lack of sufficiently large-scale research.

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