Botched Jobs: 14 Cases That Will Make You Think Twice About Plastic Surgery

Victims of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Looking good is definitely good business. On one side are those who are willing to do anything to look better. On the other side, there are companies offering a variety of products and treatments that supposedly help people achieve their beauty goals.

Plastic surgery is a popular method many individuals consider these days to correct what they consider imperfections in their bodies. More than 1.7 million people were estimated to have had it in 2015, mainly for cosmetic purposes. Celebrities, in particular, are known to have a penchant for these procedures. But the results aren’t always exciting.

Check out some horrible cases, in no particular order, that will make you want to re-assess your options before opting for cosmetic plastic surgery.

  1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein Botched plastic surgeryThis billionaire socialite is said to have spent millions of dollars in efforts to “upgrade” her looks. The story behind Jocelyn’s decision to embark on a series of beauty procedures is a bit touching.

She reportedly made the decision after catching her husband in bed with a young Russian model. The aim was to keep her husband from needing to run after other women. Did she succeed in her quest? From the transformation she has experienced, one can easily conclude that wasn’t the case.

Jocelyn only succeeded in driving away from her husband with procedures aimed at improving her facial appearance. She was divorced by Alec Wildenstein in 1999. “The Bride of Wildenstein” appeared to continue her transformation with a $2.5 billion settlement she got from her husband.



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