A Candid Interview With Suzanne Somers, 71 Reveals Secret To A Happy Sex Life

Suzanne Somers Anti Aging Secrets

Well known for her role in Three’s company, renowned actress and author Suzanne Somers, 71 is the shining example that age doesn’t limit one’s sex life. She has proved that the key behind a satisfying sex life lies not in the age of a person but instead relies on one’s health.

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers

In a recent candid interview, she unraveled the secrets behind her happy sex life with husband Alan Hamel, 82.

The happily married couple has been together for more than 41 years and yet their sex life is better than newlyweds. And it all comes down to the positive changes they made in their health.

The interview

Somers said: ‘Well a healthy person is a sexual person. What is the last thing you feel like doing when you are not healthy, right? So if you keep yourself in optimal health, and that is about the choices you make in life, you are probably going to be in the mood – and then if you juice up your husband like I do. I have got him juiced up on hormones and supplements.

‘Honestly, I have to say to him: “I kind of need a break.” Isn’t that wonderful as that means he is so healthy?’

‘Did she tell you she is pregnant?’ Hamel jested.

Somers retorted: ‘He tries every day.’

Hamel confessed that their sex life has never been better and he is more satisfied than when he was a teenager.

‘It is better than teenagers because when I was a teenager I couldn’t get laid. I am getting laid now. It is better than when I was a teenager.’

The Turning Point In Somer’s Life

In 2000, Somers was diagnosed with Breast cancer. After winning the battle against breast cancer, she has been an advocate for self-help and health. Since then, she has been the author of almost 30 fitness and nutrition books with the knowledge she gained from experience and self-education.

‘I have got the juice, I am all hormoned up, supplemented up, and I eat real food and I drink pure tequila. The juice is not an age thing, it is about me. We are not decrepit, not frail, my knees don’t hurt. I don’t have aches and pains. I sleep for eight hours without drugs. I am happy, upbeat, and sexual – that is juice. It is the best thing we ever did. I am in love with my husband. He stole me as a child,’ she said.

Hamel jumped in saying, “We are having bio-identical hormones, growth hormones, custom supplements. We actually are filling the tank.

‘As we age we lose our biochemicals, so I am simply replacing what I lost on the aging process. I am functioning like a much younger man.’

‘When I am with my friends they are in bad shape, because they have been going to their favorite doctor for a long time, and every time they go, the doctor writes a prescription for more pills. So they are pilled up. ‘They cannot remember anything, many are walking with canes, a couple of them are in wheelchairs. According to Hamel, he owes his longevity solely to his wife. ‘Twenty years ago I started losing memory, had trouble calling up names and numbers, and gained 18 pounds around my middle and my muscles shrunk and I started feeling maybe it was time to cash out and sell the business. My libido crashed and all I wanted to do was sleep.’

Since then, Somers set up an appointment for Hamel to see an endocrinologist and thus she started a life plan for his health. That was the turning point in Hamel’s life when everything came back. Hamel now injects human growth hormone daily, rubs DHEA over his liver, and also takes DHEA pills. In addition, Hamel takes specialized supplements designed for him, eats ‘organic food’, and also works out.

‘It is the best thing we ever did,’ says Somers. ‘I loved doing sitcoms, when I work in Vegas, [I] love performing and I didn’t plan to write all these books. If you follow the flow of your life’s journey then it happens.’

‘I got cancer 20 years ago and I am sitting there and they are going to do chemotherapy and radiation and all this stuff.

‘I listened to this, and I said, “I cannot do that.” The doctor said, “if you don’t, you are going to die.” I honestly think I am going to die if I do what you tell me to do.

‘That right there made me a rebel, which I didn’t plan to be. But here I am 20 years later and I am 72 next week.’

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