Persona Nutrition Review: Benefits, Costs and Offerings

In most cases people don’t take vitamins, let alone personalized vitamin packs designed specifically for them. If they decide to take a vitamin or a herbal supplement, they usually go to a pharmacy or to an online store and buy a multivitamin, hoping that it will improve their health.

Persona Vitamin Packs

Persona Vitamin Packs

But there is a better way. Taking multivitamins is better than not taking any vitamin, but taking multivitamins and generic supplements is only a small improvement. If you really care about your health and long-term fitness, you need to take the right combination of vitamins, herbs and minerals. Persona Nutrition’s Vitamin Packs can be optimized based on your health and needs.

Persona Nutrition: Custom Vitamin Packs Versus multivitamins

The problem with multivitamins is twofold. First, when it comes to health, it is a one size fits all. As a result, you may end up taking vitamins that you don’t need, or worse, vitamins that can cause a negative reaction. This “universal approach” is also a very lazy approach to maintaining your health.

Another disadvantage of multivitamins is that they are too general. Like everything you buy in the store, multivitamins are not made with the most organic ingredients. Thus, not only do multivitamins offer nothing more than a “one size fits all” approach to vitamins, it is very unlikely that these multivitamins are organic. Persona Nutrition’s Vitamin Packs on the other hands are made from the best natural organic ingredients.

Now you see why Persona Nutrition’s custom vitamin packs are better than multivitamins and better than any vitamin on the market. So how is the packaging of the Persona vitamins better?

Persona is a vitamin subscription service that provides a 28-day supply of vitamins and supplements to meet your needs. Members have access to apps with nutrition experts and tools to support their new system, and Persona currently offers 80 types of vitamins and supplements (including vegan options) from just $0.05 per day.

In fact, Persona Nutrition’s custom vitamin packs are tailored to individual needs.

I was very skeptical about vitamin and supplement packages that are said to be personalized. In most cases, it is just a gimmick.

Any company that supposedly makes vitamin packs could just be putting the name of the buyer on an otherwise generic product.

Persona Nutrition Custom packaging came with the following items:

  • The vitamin pack had my name on it, which was a nice touch.
  • A Custom Vitamin Packs made just for me
  • On top of the box were handwritten words congratulating me for joining the program.
  • A persona Nutrition Welcome letter

These things, even the apparently unimportant ones, go a long way.

The Persona application

I usually have no problem remembering to take my vitamins. As with other forms of nutrition, I establish a schedule for taking vitamins around my training plan. That’s why I’ve never had problems when it comes to routine vitamin intake. Most vitamin packs applications are usually nothing more than reminders. They may contain some information about vitamins and allow you to order more vitamins more easily, but most applications do no more than that.

The Persona Nutrition App

There are several differences in this particular application. Firstly, it allows you to contact a nutritionist through the application. I have never seen a vitamin application that does this. It is really great to know that if I have any questions, or if I need to talk to a nutritionist to consider other options in case I need to add something to the vitamin package I ordered.

The application also includes a shipping schedule for my Persona Nutrition’s Custom Vitamin Packs which is expected, but still a nice touch

One thing about the application that can be a nuisance to some is that it is only compatible with Apple iPhones and tablets. It is a shame that this particular application is not yet available for other types of mobile devices.

Persona Nutrition: Health Evaluation

It often happens that companies that want to sell products on the Internet are reluctant to take risks, but persona offers a free quote to anyone who wants to order from them. That way you will know which vitamins are best for you before you can commit to buying any.

The evaluation collects a lot of information, such as what kind of allergies you have, what your eating, health and physical habits are. This info will help Persona find out what kind of vitamins are best suited for you needs.  During the evaluation they will also ask about your general physical and mental health to get very precise recommendations about the vitamins and nutrients you may need.

One thing I liked about this evaluation was the specific issue of physical activity. Most of these types of evaluations seem to ask only a few questions about physical fitness. They usually ask potential customers if they have a sedentary job and if not, what kind of exercises they do. Persona however added few more questions to this, which was very refreshing because I have a very developed exercise routine.

The evaluation that Persona does helps save time as it allows potential buyers to choose exactly the type of vitamins they want to order. The buyer can cancel the next shipment anytime they want.

A great incentive by Persona to potential customers is the 50% discount. This has given me a strong incentive to complete my first order. This 50% discount reduces risk, which is very important for buyers.

My impressions after using Persona Nutrition for 2 months

As soon as I started taking the vitamins that were customized to my health needs by Persona, I started to feel the effects immediately. The pack I ordered was quite simple compared to other vitamin packs that deal with specific health problems (I ordered vitamin C, D, turmeric, omega-3 and vitamin B), which helped increase my energy levels and shortened my recovery time after workouts.

Normally, when you use a vitamin pack, your energy and performance will be restored in a short period of time within the first month, but within the next few months your vitamin levels will adapt to the vitamins you are taking. The Persona vitamin packs have significantly increased my energy and improved my performance in training sessions. I am convinced that in the future I will continue to experience such a wonderful increase in energy.

My Persona Nutrition final review

I am very pleased with the Persona vitamins packs I ordered this time. Also if my needs change in the future I am sure that Persona has the know-how and products to keep me coming back. Whether you are trying to be healthy or just have more energy for exercising, Persona has the right vitamin pack for your needs. A 50% discount on the first order minimizes the high risk and the reasonable prices of the Persona vitamin packs will keep me coming back.

The personal touches on the Persona nutrition packs were also impressive. Also being able to contact a Persona nutritionist at any time is an example to be followed by other vitamin companies.

If you have decided to switch from a multivitamin to a vitamin pack, you should consider placing an order with Persona Nutrition. You won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t.




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