Men May Be Going Extinct as They Are the Weaker Sex

It is scientifically proven: men are “the weakest sex”! Duke University researchers have published a study that shows that over the past 250 years, women have been more resilient than men, especially to epidemics and hunger. Man is threatened with extinction because his signature, his Y-chromosome, is in ruins and has been losing its genes for millennia.

Strong Woman

Strong Woman

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Recently however the speed of the degradation has increased because many men are wearing too-tight pants and are also exposed to rising temperatures, pollution, and electromagnetic waves.

There’s been an alarming 40% drop in the average male sperm count in the last 20 years, compounded by a drop in quality. Some researchers think it’s just an important problem as global warming.

Numerous reasons

We live surrounded by chemicals. The toxicity of phthalates on germ cells, precursors of sperm, is no longer in doubt. So is the toxicity of pesticides, which also contribute to sperm alteration.

Foods are suspected of being a direct cause in the degradation of sperm and alcohol and tobacco are probably the main causes. Smoking destroys the blood vessels of the male reproductive system. In the penis, this is responsible for changing the quality and duration of an erection. In the testicles, vascular changes will lead to more or less irreversible destruction of sperm production.

The testicles must be cooled

The heat was also mentioned because sperm production is extremely sensitive to temperature. Sperm must be stored at temperatures between 91,4 to 93,2°F. Depending on the temperature, the bursa is contracted or relaxed to maintain a constant temperature. This is why they are outside the body!

An increase in testicular temperature will slow down or even stop the spermatogenesis. Based on this observation, many researchers are suspecting that the main cause for this could the wearing too-tight pants/jeans.

Some blame it on the stress to which our modern world is accustomed, but here too we must show that our modern life is more stressful than the life of those that experienced war and hunger.

The so-called “weaker” sex is the stronger

But the real explanation is the poorer quality of the Y-chromosome that is passed from father to son, which is the main difference between men and women.

Women are born with XX chromosomes and men are born with XY chromosomes. Women get an X chromosome from each parent while men get an X chromosome from their mothers and a Y chromosome from their fathers.

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The X chromosome, which is 80 times the size of the Y chromosome, also contains 500 times more genes. The XY is an imperfect combination because in a woman one X can fix the other at any time while in a male, X and Y remain on their own devices in case of needed repair.

In men, it is impossible to repair the Y chromosome which is as we speak degenerating, and some predict its elimination in less than 200,000 years. Still, there are those who believe the Y chromosome has 4.6m years left a much longer period.

Anyway, 200000 years gives us plenty of time for research. But here again, the first experiments are going in the wrong direction: it’s the woman who gives birth to a man. This argument alone should have made us think. The researchers already know that by mixing two eggs to give birth to a mouse inherited from each mother. Of course, this offspring is exclusively female.

A woman is not only a man’s future. She can do without him and, thanks to her genetic heritage; hold on to the future of all humanity thus the so-called “weak” sex is really the strongest.

How do you save men?

By making a completely artificial super Y chromosome and producing a new enhanced breed of males in test tubes. Unless one day we go the hermaphrodite route like what is already happening with some plants, tapeworms, and snails. However, by then we may already be knee deep in a world where cloning is the norm.


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