Mediums Are More Likely to Experience Auditory Hallucinations Study Shows

According to British researchers, psychics/mediums tend to have more hallucinatory experiences than the general population.

A Medium

A Medium

Some phenomena seem inexplicable from a scientific point of view especially those related to magic, spirituality, or the paranormal. For centuries, people have claimed that they can hear the dead and communicate with them. Sometimes they use this gift for others and become mediums. A team from Durham University has been studying these individuals and has just published the conclusion of their study In the journal Mental Health, Religion and Culture. Their conclusion was that psychics are more prone to hallucinations compared to the rest of the population.

More likely to go into a trance

The study involved 65 people called clairaudient, which means they can hear spirits, as opposed to psychics who can see them. All of the subjects in the study were members of a British spiritualist association. In addition, 143 people were recruited from the general population as a control group. The researchers found that mediums tended to trance more, that is, to enter altered states of consciousness or exaggerated fantasy. A high frequency of trance states was associated with more clairaudience in this study. Mediums are also more likely to experience auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices. Eighty percent of the mediums surveyed reported hearing voices as part of their daily lives.

 Spiritualism gives meaning to their experiences

According to this research, these hallucinations manifest early in life, at the average age of 21, and generally lead people that experience them to inquire about spiritualism. 71% of the mediums surveyed became interested in clairaudience after their first experience. This religious movement is based on the idea that human souls continue to exist after death and that it is possible to communicate with them. According to the researchers, the Spiritualists’ National Union has more than 11,000 members in England. “These findings suggest that it is not social pressure, special expectations, or a high belief in the paranormal that leads to experimentation in communicating with spirits,” the British scientists said. Some people are just more likely to experience trance experiences or auditory hallucinations, in which case only spiritual beliefs give meaning to what they feel and experience. For them, spiritualism gives meaning.


When spirits speak: absorption, attribution, and identity among spiritualists who report “clairaudient” voice experiences



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