What Is Testosterone And Why Do Both Men And Women Need It?

Healthy Testosterone Levels

Having discussed some possible issues from low levels, you may be wondering what amounts of this hormone are ideal.

The right amount will actually depend on your health, age and sex. As already stated, you are going to need a lower amount if you are a female.

Adolescent boys (15-16 years) need any amount between 100 and 1,200 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). Their female counterparts, on the other hand, usually need no more than 75 ng/dl.

The healthy level range for older males is about 240 to 1200. That means the average normal level for men is around 675 ng/dl.

Adult females have their healthy levels in the range 8-75 ng/dl, depending on age.

It should be noted, however, that the lowest and highest thresholds of normal testosterone levels often vary from place to place. In other words, defining “normal” levels is not exactly easy.

Measuring levels based on age during puberty isn’t the most accurate. The Tanner scale is best used in such cases.

This second method measures levels based on visual development during puberty. Children develop at different pace. For example, a girl may develop breast buds faster than her peers and so belongs to a different stage than the others.

Some medical experts believe that testosterone levels peak around the age of 20. It gradually declines from then on.



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