What Is Testosterone And Why Do Both Men And Women Need It?

Testosterone in Men



This androgen is what helps a young boy transform into a man. It promotes development of male characteristics.

Testosterone facilitates the growth of the penis and development of testes in young males. It is responsible for deepening of voice during puberty as well as increase in muscle size and strength.

The hormone contributes to the appearance of hair in the pubic region and other parts of the body during puberty.

Other functions testosterone plays in a man include:

Low amount of testosterone in a man’s body means he may not exhibit certain “normal” characteristics. Teenage boys may not develop normal masculine features if this issue is present. For instance, their penis may be rather small or they may experience poor hair growth.

Men with low testosterone could it difficult getting a woman pregnant. The condition can make it impossible to produce mature sperm for fertilization.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone in men include:



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