What Is Testosterone And Why Do Both Men And Women Need It?

Testosterone: Functions, Imbalances, Symptoms and How to Boost Levels

One may not be wrong to describe testosterone as the main substance that makes a man. It has a connection to many characteristics that defines a male.

The hormone is also among the ones present in a female body, where it plays important roles as well. But many people hardly take note of this or may not even know it at all.

What is testosterone and why is it important for both sexes? What issues are you likely to experience if there are imbalances? We discuss these and more, including treatment, in this article.

What is Testosterone?

Bodybuilders HGHTestosterone is a type of androgen hormone. By “androgen,” it means this substance is crucial to the development and maintenance of characteristics peculiar to male. This explains why people commonly call it male sex hormone, even though it is not restricted to men.

The primary androgen hormone is mainly produced by the testicles in men. The production takes place in Leydig cells.

The characteristics that testosterone helps to both develop and maintain are what usually define a man. They are what you’d describe as masculine.

It could be worrisome when the amounts of this hormone drop below healthy levels. This is capable of bringing about certain undesirable changes in both body structure and functions.

It is, therefore, especially troubling to know that more people are being diagnosed with testosterone imbalances. The dramatic increase in the use of supplements in recent years can be attributed to this.



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