Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs for Those Who Lack Coverage

Having staggering medical bills is a very common issue for most Americans. There must have been a time when you had to choose between monthly rent or getting a drug prescription, a time when you had to skip and stop taking the drugs because they are too expensive and beyond your budget. But, there are ways how you can get the needed drugs without compromising your health and budget.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

Why are the prices so high for prescription drugs?

Society has massively benefited from the research and discovery of new drugs for diseases that had few or no treatment options. The extensive drug research & development, the process of approval, the complex health system, and the marketing budget are what make these drugs very expensive. And to recuperate these costs and be able to make a profit these pharma companies are allowed a period of exclusivity during which generic variations are not allowed.

Saving money on medicines

Many times we don’t realize, that we as consumers have a variety of options for getting prescription drugs at lower prices. unless you are shopping using coupons online,  you are most likely spending more than you need to. Here are some of the ways you can save on prescription drugs:

Find Discount coupons online

there are many Websites ready to help you with money-saving coupons to get your prescription drugs.

The drug coupon won’t directly lower the cost but it will help pharmacists to apply the coupon to lower the price of the drug.

Use generic Drugs

There are a lot of drugs with different brand names having the same generic components. They use the same active ingredient that works the same way but at a much lower cost.

The reason for the cost difference is that the generic drugs do not have to repeat the research trials that were required by the brand-name medicines to show safety and effectiveness. Also, the competition of big companies helps the consumer to get medicines at lower prices.

But make sure the drug you are buying has the same active ingredients as the brand name. Keep in mind though that characteristics such as color and flavor might differ.

Joining pharmacy prescription clubs

There are many in-store pharmacy clubs that can help lower drug prices. You can save a lot of money on most of your prescription medication if you join a prescription club. 

Apps to compare Drug costs and pricing

We are now living in the 21 st century, the era of technology where everything is one swipe away. some websites and apps can find the best available prices for your prescription medications.

Shop around 

Like when we go clothes shopping, we come across different pricing for similar clothes, Each drug store has a different price. So it’s best to call several pharmacies before getting your prescription form filled to find the lowest price.

Ordering Online

Most pharmacies these days offer online ordering for drugs, over-the-counter medication, medical supplies, and even pet medication. Ordering online allows you to find the lowest price.

Ask your Doctor

Be clear and open about the financial status and issues you have. Ask your doctor if there are options for cheaper drugs. You can ask him/her if the dosage of the drug can be reduced. Ask your doctor if there are any available free samples or coupons. 

Get Drugs that are available Free of cost

There are lots of supermarkets that supply free drugs like metformin, amoxicillin, vitamins, and other in high-demand drugs. As long as the drug matches your doctor s prescription, you can always ask for them.

Many online sites offer free or low-cost birth control options that require no insurance.

Patient assistance programs (PAP)

These are programs that are provided by the pharma companies to help those that do not have health insurance. To be approved you’ll need to fill out an application where you will be asked about your financial situation.

Once approved, lots of companies will ship drugs to you or your doctor. Make sure you place a new order several weeks before you run out.

Ask about Pill splitting

There are some drugs where you can split pills or tablets which could help you save a good amount of money. Though it is a risky thing to do as not all drugs should be split, you can always ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is an option.






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