Warning! Talcum Powder Might Be Responsible for Mesothelioma a Rare Form of Cancer

This study supports several victims in lawsuits against talcum powder manufacturers.

The American company Johnson & Johnson has been the target of several lawsuits in recent years by customers who had cancer after using their talcum powder. Last March, the company was ordered to pay $29 million to a woman who claimed that the powder had contributed to her mesothelioma. In 2017, a jury asked the company to pay $4 billion to several women with ovarian cancer, who she said, was caused by their products.

Johnson & Johnson appealed against this verdict. However, the research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine on October 10 may be a liability in these cases.

But for Jacqueline Moline, regardless of the court’s ruling, she hopes that her work will raise awareness among those who have used talcum powder for cosmetic purposes and those who still do so today.

She said, “You want to be careful with everything you use on your body or on your body. The scientist adds: “I would tell people that there is no regulation for talcum powder and that if there is a safer alternative, I would advise them to do so. I don’t recommend that people use talcum powder.

The Cosmetics Observatory has also been working on the issue of cosmetic talcum powder. According to them the warnings and potential risks relate only to free-form talcum powder and so far do not apply to Compact make-up powders, eye shadows, foundation creams or deodorants, where talc remains trapped.



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