VigRX Plus: Counterfeits are in The Market Warns Leading Edge Health

How to Avoid Falling for VigRX Plus Counterfeits

It is most likely safe to say that VigRX Plus is doing wonders for the sexual health of numerous men. This thinking is not only because of its popularity but also because of the seeming increase in the incidence of its counterfeiting.

Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus

Some dishonest characters that appear to be working outside the United States are flooding the market with counterfeit VigRX Plus. This is a concern if you are a user of this male enhancement supplement or you are considering becoming one. You will find in this article tips on how you can avoid ending up with a fake.

About VigRX Plus

A product of Leading Edge Health, VigRX Plus is a male enhancement health supplement. It is a natural alternative to Viagra for men who are having erection problems. The product not only fights erectile dysfunction but also boosts sexual desire, unlike the prescription drug.

It is scientifically formulated with proven, “freshest” natural ingredients. The manufacturer claims this formulation is the result of more than 10 years of male sexual health research.

One of the key ingredients in the formulation is Epimedium. Popularly known as horny goat weed, this natural aphrodisiac improves blood flow to promote bigger, harder erections. It also increases strength and sexual satisfaction.

The male enhancer now features Bioperine. This ingredient improves the absorption of other ingredients in any formula it is present in, according to research. Its presence in VigRX Plus promises improved efficacy of the male enhancer.

Another major thing this supplement has going for it is that its effectiveness has been shown in a triple-blind clinical study. As a result of its awesome effects, about 90 percent of the men in the trial said they’d continue using the product after the trial.

Counterfeiting of VigRX Plus

As you probably know, fame comes at a cost. The popularity of this natural male enhancement supplement is somehow becoming a thing of concern for its manufacturer. Some unknown individuals are reportedly releasing fake versions onto the market.

The counterfeiting of VigRX Plus didn’t start recently. It appears to have been on for almost as long as the product has been in existence. And counterfeiters have yet to relent.

Over the years, health regulators in different countries have seized what they described as counterfeit VigRX Plus. Authorities in Israel, for instance, seized what was thought to be fake versions of the product in 2016.

Years before the seizure in Tel Aviv, New Zealand’s health authorities recalled VigRX Plus containing an undisclosed prescription drug. The products were probably faked.

Observation shows that these counterfeits mostly come from Asian countries. China, India, and Thailand are some of the places where their makers supposedly operate.

The most disturbing thing about counterfeit VigRX Plus is not the loss of your hard-earned money. Instead, it is the threat it poses to your health. Fakes can contain unsafe ingredients since their productions are not regulated at all.

How to Protect Yourself Against Fake VigRX Plus

While it might be somewhat flattering to Leading Edge Health that some people saw its product as worthy of imitation, counterfeits are a threat to its sales and, more importantly, to the health of consumers.

The company has, therefore, put some measures in place to protect buyers. You also have your own part to play when buying to avoid falling for fakes. Below are some tips to help.

Give attention to the price

It is not uncommon for people to search for the best prices when buying an item. After all, we all can use some extra savings.

Your aim should ideally not be more about saving money when buying VigRX Plus, especially from third-party websites. Be aware that you get the best price offer on the product’s official website.

If you find the supplement at a lower price when buying elsewhere, please exercise caution. You might just have a counterfeit before you.

Buy from the Official website

Based on the foregoing, you will do well to simply skip purchasing VigRX Plus off third-party retail sites. It will be to your advantage to steer clear of platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba.

There are reports of fraudulent people selling fake or substandard products on these websites. Their often-cheaper prices make the job of attracting unsuspecting buyers easier.

Confirm authenticity on the official website

The manufacturer of VigRX Plus has been aware for a long time that some persons are faking its male sexual health enhancer. As a result, it has a page on the official product website where you can verify that you have the real thing.

Boxes of authentic VigRX Plus carry a unique product verification code. You are to type this code into a small box on the authenticity verification page of the product’s website and click on “Check Code.” After doing this, you will get a message telling whether you have a genuine product or a counterfeit.

Check pill before use

Another way you can confirm real VigRX Plus is by breaking the pill in half and checking its content. If the tablet contains white powder, you should not use it because it is fake.

The content of the real pill should be brown. It has what looks like dark spots in it.

You can remove the need for doing this at all by simply buying directly from the manufacturer’s website.

You must buy authentic VigRX Plus to enjoy the promised benefits. The use of counterfeits does not guarantee those. Even if fake versions seem to work, they are a potential threat to your health because of undisclosed ingredients. Make sure you exercise caution when buying.

Official Vigrx Plus Website


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