University of Pennsylvania and Regeneron Are Working on an Anti-COVID-19 Nasal Spray

Designing A nasal spray for protection against the coronavirus is what is being worked on by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with the biotechnology company Regeneron.

Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

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The Anti-COVID-19 nasal spray, a promising solution…

The nasal spray approach could be a serious option that, in addition to the vaccine, could make it possible to stop the Covid-19 epidemic much faster. In collaboration with the biotechnology company Regeneron, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are developing a nasal spray that is expected to stimulate the production of antibodies against SARS-Cov-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19. The principle of this spray is to introduce genetic material into the cells through the nose and throat. The cells would then trigger an immune response by producing antibodies that would protect against Covid-19. The researchers are currently carrying out animal experiments. By January, they are hoping to receive FDA approval to begin human testing.

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A single dose for six months of protection

James Wilson, the professor responsible for the project at the University of Pennsylvania, estimates that this method could protect against Covid-19 for 6 months. Apart from the fact that this technique is a good alternative to vaccines, it also has fewer side effects. “The advantage of our approach is that you don’t have to have a competent immune system to be effective,” he explained. The U.S.

the government approached this gene therapy pioneer in February to find out whether the technique could be used to combat Covid-19. This was only possible after the discovery of the Regeneron treatment, which is based on two monoclonal antibodies produced in the laboratory.

NB. Donald Trump took the Regeneron medication to treat COVID-19 successfully.

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Regeneron teams with gene therapy pioneer James Wilson, adapting its Covid-19 antibody cocktail to an AAV-based nasal spray



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