The Use of Spindle Nucleus Transfer for Treating Infertility

Spindle nuclear transfer involves the transfer of the nucleus from a mother’s egg to the benefactor who does not possess the nucleus. The egg is then fertilized with sperm from the father and then returned to the mother. This is how a child who possesses vital traits from the mother and the father is born.

The use of Spindle Nuclear transfer for three parent child birth

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

There are some cases in which the parents use this procedure of Spindle Nucleus Transfer as a treatment for their infertility. A case in Athens, Greece is reported where a 32 years old woman gave birth to a child through this technique.

Spindle Nucleus Transfer for Treating Infertility – Good or Bad?

After the Athens incident, there are two major groups of researchers who have two varying opinions on this issue. One of the groups claims that this incident is a hallmark that the doctors have achieved and it will remain a worth remembering event.

However, there is a group of researchers who hold a different opinion. They believe that the cure of infertility was not the purpose behind the Spindle Nucleus Transfer procedure. They are of the view that the team is misusing the procedure for the task that was not suited for it.

The essence of Spindle Nucleus Transfer

Principally, the researchers devised this procedure to avoid the transfer of certain diseases from mother to child. For the safety of the next generation, doctors and researchers use this procedure in order to ensure safe childbirth.

Prevention of Mitochondrial Infection

In its real spirit, Spinal Nucleus Transfer treatment is used to prevent the transfer of mitochondrial infections from mothers to their newly born children. Fortunately, doctors are widely using this method and a large number of infertile couples are beneficiaries. In a real sense, nothing in this world is worth more than children’s healthy and safe birth.

Childbirth – an unmatched happiness

Giving birth to a child is one of the most prevalent desires of women. Motherhood is a biological and natural trait in the personality of women. The contentment of procreating and seeing the children healthy and normal is one of the strongest satisfactions.

Pain of Infertility

Considering the above-mentioned reality in practice, a woman’s biggest grief is her inability to give birth.. Unfortunately, in our society, we primarily stigmatize and blame women for infertility. We also fail to understand the pain they face and the suffering they bear.

From this point of view, infertility is a very painful reality to accept and researchers are trying to explore the ways that could lead to successful treatment of infertility. This is the strongest desire of such women!

Road-map to using Spindle Nucleus Transfer to Treat Infertility

A lot of researchers are currently busy in studying Spindle Nucleus Transfer as a credible treatment to cure infertility. The Greek incident is an opener for discussion in research arenas for the possibility of curing infertility through this procedure. Different organizations are aiming to undertake a survey and research on a specific number of women.

Evolution of Spindle Nucleus Transfer – A great help to humanity

Evolution is the order of the day! Moreover, it is not appropriate to make certain things static by associating labels with them. If Spindle Nucleus Transfer is used to prevent mitochondrial diseases, it can also be used to cure infertility. By the end of the day, both approaches have the same goal – the goal of bringing a life into this world.

Cure for Infertility – Underway

Also, many countries use the Pro-Nuclear Transfer technique to cure infertility. In some cases under this treatment, researchers have declared this procedure effective in eliminating mitochondrial diseases. A new debate has started among the researchers to analyze both the Spindle Nucleus Transfer and Pro-Nuclear Transfer techniques to help infertile women in giving birth.


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