The Silicon Valley Elite Now Wants Immortality

There does not seem to be an end to the strange things that Silicon Valley’s elite are willing to do to acquire immortality. These include cell injections, brain implants, and magnetic chairs. Humans have been trying to attain immortality from way back. Up to date, it has not been possible to fight the deterioration which comes with age.

Fountain Of Youth

Fountain Of Youth

James Horton, a University of Bath Ph.D. candidate, and Nicholas Priest, a University of Bath lecture look into if it is worth looking into Silicon Valley’s immortality quest.

Case study

Humans have been obsessed with living forever for a long time. Many who shared the quest for immortality failed. However, they still think the dream of eternity is still alive. Many people today cannot help but wonder if the key to immortality lies in the ever-growing pool of human knowledge.

Modern science has brought new ways of improving survival. Technology-driven ultra-rich members are adopting these approaches so as to try and extend their lives. What people do not know is that modern science has also brought to light the dark side of trying to extend life. It seems that nature is set to deny humans from having it all. So will it be eternity or something different?

There is a long record of failed immortality quests. In one of humanity’s oldest tales, the Epic of Gilgamesh, which dates back to the 22nd century BC, the title character follows a quest to attain immortality. After going through many problems, he finds a flower on the floor of the ocean which could restore his youth. He plucks the flower despite all warnings given to him. He eventually loses the flower and dies. After him, there were many more that tried but failed.

Can it be done?

Currently, many research fields have been looking for answers: sport science, health, medicine, psychology, computer science. Interest has intensified with wealthy benefactors showing unrelenting perseverance. Many companies have sprung up to try and unlock eternity. This confidence leaves us wondering if it can really be done.

A few coffee shops in Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles offer unique experiences. Once you’re inside, there is lightning that changes in the course of the day.  They have electromagnetic chairs which are designed to increase a customer’s blood flow. They also have coffee that is infused with oil and served with butter. These are the Bulletproof coffee houses owned by David Asprey, an entrepreneur. They are located at the center of the so-called biohacking movement.

Biohacking is not an exact science. It is an umbrella term encompassing several self-help materials, a sprinkle of philosophy for good measure, and a dollop of scientific reasoning.

Some eccentric biohackers encourage the regular use of illegal drugs and prescription drugs. These include the use of the psychoactive narcotic MDMA for improving charisma and the use of the narcolepsy nootropic modafinil for enhancing cognitive function.

How can technology stop aging?

There are exciting technological ideas that could unlock a different type of immortality. Technology is already able to help us catch age-related defects early; it still holds the potential to be better.

Neuralink, a company owned by billionaire Elon Musk, is on the way to set us down the transhumanist path. It does investigations about a future where humans have a more intimate connection with their electronic devices than they are today. It invites us into working towards a brain-machine interface that could integrate us fundamentally with our technology.

The research is in its early stages. However, brain-machine interfaces are being used in the form of eye and ear implants that could restore our senses. There are also brain implants allowing people with disabilities to remotely control robots and computers.


We could argue that ongoing research is yielding fruits. There could only be exponential progress from where we are. The research, however, has shed light on considerable disadvantages in health. They may come as consequences of meddling with anti-aging treatments. Man’s reach continues to escape his grasp.

If you could would you want to live forever? We would appreciate it if you shared your thoughts on the discussion in the comment section below.


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