The Latest On Cannabis Laws: How To obtain Cannabis legally In DC And Maryland

With rising decriminalization throughout the United States, more and more people are beginning to wonder how to purchase cannabis legally for recreational use. This post will cover the legalities of cannabis use in the District of Columbia and Maryland and how you can obtain it.

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Cannabis Laws In DC

The District of Columbia is a federal district and self-governing city located in the United States, on the north bank of the Potomac River that also happens to be the capital city of the United States. The District of Columbia legalized cannabis in 2015 and created a regulatory framework for the sale and production of cannabis. These new laws made it legal for adults over 21 to possess up to two ounces of cannabis and be able to transfer up to one ounce to another adult over 21. In addition, DC residents are permitted to grow up to six plants for personal use, although only three are allowed to mature at any given time. However, it is still classed as a crime to sell weed to another person without the requisite licenses. Furthermore, anyone processing more than two ounces, operating a vehicle while under the influence, or partaking in its use in a public space are still illegal acts and are punishable under law.

Cannabis Laws In Maryland

Although Maryland legalized cannabis in 2017, there are still strict laws and regulations that govern the use and distribution of marijuana. While DC allows its citizens to possess up to two ounces, Maryland limits the legal possession rate to only 10 grams. Nevertheless, Maryland enacted a statewide medical marijuana program back in 2013 to allow people with specific health issues to use it legally. It should still be mentioned that anyone caught with any amount of cannabis but cannot prove the medical reasons for holding it can face a court-imposed fine of up to $100.

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What Is Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana is also used for recreational purposes where it is smoked primarily by inhaling the smoke produced by combustion heating the flowers of the marijuana plant. Marijuana’s primary psychoactive ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. In fact, medicinal cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments. In recent decades, it has been used to help alleviate pain and other medical conditions. A recent study found that cannabis consumption was associated with lower depression, anxiety, and stress rates. It has also been shown to help with sleep disturbances and chronic pain. 

How Can You Obtain It?

The process is slightly different for each jurisdiction because they operate different laws and regulations. 


If you want to obtain medical marijuana in Maryland, you will need to follow the following steps:

Go To A Licensed Dispensary

Patients can purchase medicinal cannabis at Maryland dispensaries after registering, receiving certification from a licensed provider, and printing out a temporary MMCC ID card.

Register As A Patient With The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) is a state agency created to oversee the distribution of medical marijuana in the state, including recreational marijuana. The MMCC is responsible for licensing and regulating all aspects of the medical weed industry in Maryland. The commission establishes rules, regulations, fees, and taxes on marijuana cultivation, processing, and retail sales within the state.

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Obtain An Official Written Certification From An Accredited Provider

A physician registered with the MMCC must issue a valid written certification to patients once they register with the commission.

District Of Columbia

In DC, you have two distinct ways of obtaining cannabis:

  1. Go downtown medial route
  2. Ask a friend to give you some (Not sell and less than one ounce)

In Washington DC, medical marijuana is available to those who have a prescription from their doctor and a government ID card that says they are registered with DC’s medical cannabis program. The process begins by going through DC’s website to locate a registered dispensary near your address and evaluating its offerings. When it comes to medical marijuana, a lot of regulation goes into play, which means you have to make sure that the dispensary you go to is registered.

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The second option is to ask a friend to provide you with some. However, as previously stated, they cannot sell it to you, and it cannot be more than one ounce. Therefore, unless you have a fantastic friend, this option will be out of the window for many people, making going down the medical route more appealing.

The legality of weed in both Maryland and DC is in a peculiar situation right now. While both states are going down the right path, there is still a long way to go. However, both locations make it straightforward to obtain weed legally for medical use.




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