The Latest Anti-Aging Trends for 2019

Diseases, natural calamities, and starvation didn’t allow people to live more than a few decades in the past. Therefore, anti-aging wasn’t much of an issue then. Currently, owing to much-improved health care and higher life quality, life expectancies have increased to an average of 85 years. With increasing age, the biggest concerns are staying healthy, being disease-free, and maintaining a youthful appearance, which is why in our current society anti-aging has become a multi-billion dollar industry as well as a worldwide concern. Although there are thousands of products out there that claim to possess miraculous anti-aging properties, only a few are actually effective. In this article, we shall discuss the latest trending anti-aging methods.The Face Of An Aging Woman


What is it?

The human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced by your pituitary gland. Recently, there have been increasing claims regarding the remarkable anti-aging properties of HGH. Many companies have begun marketing it as an anti-aging solution for adults. While it is an essential hormone for normal growth in children, in adults HGH assists in the regulation and maintenance of tissues and organs.

HGH and Aging

As a person gets older, the amount of HGH in their body drops. Due to its important function of regulating metabolism in our body, HGH is becoming a popular anti-aging supplement. Some reports have claimed that HGH possesses the ability to reduce weight by increasing muscle mass, decreasing fat deposition while also resulting in reduced wrinkle formation. Due to such reports on its benefits, HGH has become extremely popular among anti-aging fanatics.

How do you take it for anti-aging?

The only proven effective route of this hormone is via injection. The costs are extremely high with a year’s worth of HGH dosage amounting to $15, 000. Another route of getting this much sought-after hormone is via HGH releasers such as Genf20 Plus and Growth Factor Plus, which are not actually HGH but are amino acids that stimulate natural HGH release.


HGH is not an overnight miracle anti-aging solution, however, when its levels are raised using HGH releasers, the benefits can outweigh the side effects as well as the cost.


HGH in injectable form is not just incredibly expensive, its side effects are also extremely dangerous. The side effects of HGH include diabetes, swelling, high blood pressure, heart failure, joint pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some studies have also found it to be a risk factor for cancer when used for long durations.


What is it?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a compound or a coenzyme found in all cells of our body. It is crucial to maintain cellular function as it takes part in all basic functions and reactions in the cells. It basically aids the conversion of food into energy while protecting your cells from stress and repairing any cellular DNA damage.

NAD+ and aging

In a study published in March 2017 in the journal Science, the results discovered regarding the effects of NAD+ on anti-aging were staggering. After two weeks of injecting mice with a compound known to increase levels of NAD+, the tissues of a 2-year-old mouse and those of a 4-month-old one were almost indistinguishable.

How do you take it for anti-aging?

1. NAD+ supplements are available in pill form
2. Diet: A high fat, low carb keto diet stimulates NAD+ release
3. Intermittent occasional fasting increases NAD+ conversion to NADH, which is its active form.
4. Oxaloacetate intake: It stimulates NAD+ conversion to NADH.


There are no known side effects of NAD+ yet. You can also easily find affordable NAD+ supplements on the market. You can also simply raise its levels by changing your diet or following intermittent fasting routines.


While it is an exciting revolutionary discovery in anti-aging, it is still under study and has yet not been approved by FDA for anti-aging purposes. Additionally, its side effects are still unknown due to the lack of studies in humans.

C60 Oil

What is it?

Carbon 60

Carbon 60

C60 oil or Carbon 60 oil is oil mixed with carbon 60 also known as buckyballs which are members of the fullerene family of carbon structures. It is used for anti-aging not in its pure form, but as a mixture of olive oil infused with C60.

C60 and aging

25 years of extensive research reports buckyballs to have incredible biological properties. According to some studies, they possess potent antioxidants that can penetrate the cell membrane and produce an effect within the cell itself. Carboxyl C60 has been found to significantly increase lifespan while also averting deaths of nerve cells that occur naturally as people age.

How does it work?

Fullerenes enclosed in the oil are transferred to mitochondria in cells for burning. When it reaches mitochondria, it is unboxed releasing the C60 molecules. The molecules attach themselves to the mitochondria DNA and result in the demethylation of mitochondria’s DNA. This reverses the epigenetic DNA changes that were causing the dysfunction of the mitochondria thus resetting the mitochondria to a younger age.

How do you take it for anti-aging?

C60 oil intake depends on your weight. A 150lbs person can take a teaspoon of 50ml per day of C60 oil.


Many studies are available which prove the benefits of C60 on anti-aging. It is cheap and easily available with very few known side effects. It can be taken in conjunction with other anti-aging regimens.


Increasing dosage doesn’t seem to increase the effectiveness of the oil. Some studies also implicate possible DNA damage when taken in a dosage higher than recommended.

Calorie Restriction

What is it?

Calorie Restriction not to be confused with fasting is a form of diet where you consciously choose to restrict and control the number of calories you take on a daily basis.

How does it help with anti-aging?

According to evidence from a study by McCay, calorie restriction delays aging and prolongs lifespan. Calorie restriction has been found to lower insulin concentrations and lower body temperature. Both of these factors are biomarkers for longevity.

How do you use it for anti-aging?

It can be done in many different diet methods such as low carb diet, low-fat diet, high fat keto diet, low carb high protein diet, etc. The choice of the diet depends on your target goal, your body type, and your own diet preference.


Perhaps the best natural method for anti-aging, Calorie restriction allows you to control the changes in your body and delay aging on your own terms without injecting artificial harmful products into your body.


Incorrect dieting can cause more harm than good as it may deprive you of the essential nutrients your body requires to remain healthy. Deciding the type of calorie restriction regimen appropriate for you is best done with the help of a qualified nutritionist.

What do you think of this list?  Have you tried HGH, NAD+, or C60 Oil? Please leave us a comment we would love to hear from you.



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