The FDA Undertakes New Steps to Help Remove Illegal Ingredients From Dietary Supplements

Taking dietary supplements is a daily routine for most Americans. Many consider dietary supplements an important part of making healthy choices. So as to make these choices, consumers require access to safe, appropriately labeled and well-manufactured products.

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Health Supplements

Health Supplements

Many dietary supplements meet FDA’s standards but some companies knowingly sell illegal products. This puts consumers at risk. Additionally, the FDA will not allow these companies to jeopardize the health of the same people seeking supplements to help improve their well-being.

The FDA intends to launch a new tool to alert the public once we learn of ingredients unlawfully marketed in dietary supplements. The Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List will be on the FDA website. Consumers should avoid buying or using those dietary supplements that contain ingredients on the List. The FDA will communicate in a separate and clear manner once it identifies safety concerns about dietary supplements.

The dietary supplement marketplace has grown. Introduction of new ingredients does raise complicated questions. It may take a while for the FDA to make a final determination. Industries and consumers must not conclude that lack of action by the FDA suggests that the ingredients are lawful. The List intends to get information to the consumers and the industry quickly.

It should be noted that the List is not exhaustive. The List will keep evolving as the FDA identifies new ingredients while removing others. The List only adds to the FDA’s ability to educate and inform people on how to identify unlawful ingredients. The FDA will continue using its traditional enforcement tools regarding dietary supplements.

Products that the FDA has identified as unsafe

The FDA will continue taking action against those who ignore legal requirements for dietary supplements. The agency has warned 8 companies against marketing dietary supplements which contain DMHA. This is because DMHA is either a new dietary ingredient or that it is an unsafe food additive. The agency issued warnings to three more companies for the marketing of dietary supplements that contain Phenibut. This is because Phenibut does not meet the stated definition of a dietary ingredient.

FDA takes the violations seriously and will take immediate action if the companies do not stop distributing the products. The FDA will ensure all dietary supplement products sold meet the requirements of the law and continue taking necessary steps to protect consumers from ingredients not allowed in dietary supplements.

Earlier on, the FDA announced a public meeting. Its purpose was to discuss some responsible innovations regarding the dietary supplement industry. The FDA is excited to hear from its stakeholders. It also looks forward to a meeting on May 16th to discuss ideas regarding the dietary supplement industry.  The meeting will also aim to preserve the FDA’s ability to protect consumers from unlawful dietary supplements.


The FDA remains committed to carrying on with the important work of modernizing its oversight of the dietary supplement industry. It also aims to bring assurance to those people relying on dietary supplements regularly.


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