Tailored Colorectal Cancer Treatment With Organoids for Hopeless Cases

Determine the best treatment in a few weeks

Twenty-six conventional or specific therapeutic chemotherapeutic agents authorized and indicated for the treatment of digestive or other cancers will then be tested on the organoids concerned. The results will be analyzed in order to establish a list of tumor characteristics within three to six weeks after the biopsy. The aim is twofold: to identify possible additional therapeutic options and to administer to the patient as soon as possible the treatment that would have been most effective on the organoids derived from his or her own tumor. This process will also provide a better understanding of why the tumor is resistant or responds to certain treatments.

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The Institute reports that 50 patients will be enrolled in the clinical trial from January 2021 onwards. “However, if we can find additional funding, we hope to expand our drug pipeline to 39 compounds, which would multiply the chances of success and combination options. We also want to understand what genetic abnormalities may be associated with treatment response,” concludes Fanny Jaulin. If the study is conclusive, the researchers hope that this innovative procedure can be extended to all patients for whom oncologists no longer offer standard treatment.



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