The Cost of the Pandemic to The American Economy

In addition to the fear of the health issues that they may face because of the coronavirus Americans are also concerned about the financial hardships that they will face. People are terrified of losing their homes, jobs, loved ones and more.

Itemized Coronavirus Bill

Coronavirus Bill

For them, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an intertwined health and financial crisis that threatens them and the entire country. The great challenge for each individual and for the nation as a whole is to overcome both crises together. In today’s economy there is no manual for this.

More than in any previous economic collapse, American consumers are at the heart of this crisis. Not only are they at risk of becoming ill, they are also being fired, their credit cards limits dropped by their banks because their jobs are being shut down to prevent others from being infected. As a result, they are unable to spend, forcing more companies to close, and so on.

For consumers, the cosmic injustice of this whole situation is mind numbing.  Still there are those that believe that the situation they are in is solely the fault of china. In their eyes china should have done more to protect the world from this virus.  Some are even suggesting albeit quietly that China should foot the bill.  What do you think?  Should they get billed? What is reasonable? What should be included in the bill?  Share your thought in the comments area bellow!


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