Reasons a Woman May Avoid Sex and How to Treat It

How to Restore or Boost Interest in Sex

Sexual dysfunction in women typically requires more than one type of treatment. This is because both mental and physical factors could be responsible for the issue. The following are some that your doctor might suggest.

Estrogen therapy

The decline of the female hormone estrogen is a major reason why women avoid sex, particularly as they grow older. This produces symptoms that can make intimacy not enjoyable, such as vaginal dryness. Vaginal creams containing the hormone may be helpful for women who have entered menopause.

Testosterone therapy

Medical professionals, especially gynecologists, do recommend this treatment for postmenopausal women experiencing sexual dysfunction. The therapy can help to restore levels of the male hormone to what it was before menopause.


Since there could be a mental dimension to low sexual desire, you may find therapists helpful if you are a woman experiencing this. You should, therefore, consider seeking relationship counseling or sex therapy with your partner.

It is important to get treated for any underlying medical conditions if you found that such is responsible for the problem. You should also check with your doctor to determine if any medications you are taking might be to blame.

In spite of the treatments available, many women do not seek out professionals when having sexual problems. They find doing that somewhat embarrassing.  Women with this disorder may not be able to do without professional help in some cases, however.


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