Radium Medical Aesthetics Unveils Improved Lasers With Pico for Better Anti-Aging Effects

People with dull and uninviting skin now have another option with the potential to help them deal with their issues more effectively. A top medical aesthetics company based in Singapore has revealed a combination laser program that looks to do more for the treatment of acne scars, dull skin, and pigmentation.Skin Brightening Laser

The treatment program dubbed Skin Illumination Pico Program was unveiled by Radium Medical Aesthetics on Sept. 20. The company’s medical director Dr. Siew Tuck Wah described it as a unique proposition based on the decade-long experience of helping patients with serious pigmentation and dull skin issues.

Among the qualities that stands the new combination laser program is that it is designed to enable doctors to tailor treatment to the needs of the individual patient.

An improved program

This new treatment program is an improvement on an existing bestseller by the company known as the Skin Illumination Program. Several changes have been made to the new offering prior to its planned official release with the PicoSure Laser on Oct. 20.

The program combines “best-in-class lasers” to enhance the quality of results to expect. Apart from the PicoSure Laser, it offers three other types of lasers. These are the Dual Yellow Laser, Ruvy Touch Pigment Laser, and LASEMD Skin Perfecting Laser. They are guaranteed to get rid of every dark pigment deposit and eliminate deep-rooted pigmentation.

The lasers complement one another to, more effectively, deal with irregular skin tone and get rid of all kinds of residual hyperpigmentation. Radium Medical Aesthetics reveals that each session of the program will involve at least two of the different laser treatments.

Pico Laser and PicoSure

Pico laser is a type of non-ablative laser and an improvement on the regular Q-switched lasers. Unlike the latter, it produces ultrashort laser pulses in picoseconds. Put in a different way, the pulses emanating from a Pico laser stays shorter on the skin – more precisely, about 1000 times shorter.

The laser makes it possible to deliver significantly more pulses into the dermis of the skin than a Q-switched laser. It is commonly used for skin brightening and rejuvenation, acne scar treatment, and removal of tattoos, among other users.

The PicoSure Laser belongs to this class of non-ablative lasers but comes with a difference. It is a new-generation laser with a wavelength of 755nm, perfect for dealing with pigmentation issues. It penetrates deep into knotty pigments, such as melanin.

The wavelength also makes it very suitable for removing tattoos with green, blue, or black ink that tend to be tricky to eliminate.

PicoSure Laser doesn’t come with significant downtime that people typically associate with laser treatments. Its ultrashort laser pulses depend more on photomechanical action than photothermal. This makes them less likely to cause thermal damage. Yet, they are said to reach deep into the dermis to impact problematic pigments.

The Focus Lens Array advantage

A key feature of the PicoSure Laser that also gives it an edge over some rival offerings is the Focus Lens Array. This supposedly makes it possible for the doctor to carry out skin rejuvenation procedures with no downtime.

The diffractive lens redistributes and supplies the skin with the 755nm energy, which causes breakdowns in the intra-epidermal layer. This results in an inflammatory response that promotes healing for fresher, younger-looking skin.

The breakdowns help to boost the production of both collagen and elastin in the dermis. They make the skin feel rejuvenated while getting rid of depressed acne scars.

Radium Medical Aesthetics says that its Skin Illumination Pico Program has helped to successfully treat several cases of pigmentation and acne scars that are known to be difficult to deal with.

The company also offers its PicoSure Laser as a single treatment.


Radium Medical Aesthetics Launches Combination Lasers with Pico to Deliver Superior Anti-Aging Results

Skin Illumination Pico Program | Radium Medical Aesthetics Singapore




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