Pandemic: Cigarette Smoke Can Spread Virus up to 10 Meters (30 Feet) Away

Tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette smoke can be vectors for the transmission of the coronavirus. The French National Tobacco Control Committee (CNCT) has warned against passive smoking during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

It is no longer a secret that smokers are particularly susceptible to developing severe forms of covid-19, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine at the end of February. This population group, whose respiratory system is weakened by smoking, is twice as exposed to the coronavirus as non-smokers.

Covid-19: cigarette smoke is a transmission vector

The dangers of smoking in connection with the coronavirus epidemic do not stop there. The French National Committee against Smoking (CNCT) revealed that smokers carrying sars CoV-2 can also infect their environment through cigarette smoke. “Produced clouds of smoke and steam are detected up to 10 meters around the user. Since these clouds are potentially infectious, it is important to keep this safe distance”. It is written on the association’s website.

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This phenomenon also applies to electronic cigarette smoke: “The particles in the water vapor exhaled from the person infected with the corona virus are potential carriers of the virus and can cause infection through passive and ultra-passive vaporization, just like smoking”. – says CNCT.

Coronavirus: Smokers must keep a distance of 10 meters a little over 10 Yards

What is known as “ultra-passive smoking” is caused by so-called “tertiary” smoke, i.e. smoke residue that can contaminate objects. When a smoker becomes infected with Covid-19, the virus can then attach itself to the particles in the tobacco smoke before it can settle in the environment, on furniture, carpets or clothing. These particles can then be inhaled after being released into the air and swallowed, especially by small children who lick their fingers.

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All these are good reasons why smokers must quit smoking: In addition to caring for their own health, they can protect others from Covid-19: “Smokers, vapers, for you and the people around you, stop as soon as possible. Otherwise, you should not smoke or vape at home. When you go outside, go out alone, at least 10 meters from any person or house,” concludes Professor Yves Martinet, President of CNCT.


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