Now That The Democrats Control The House What Does It Mean For Healthcare?

With the recent election results, Democrats regained control, through majority representation, over the House of Representatives. Throughout the campaigning process, they emphasized their message of protecting health coverage for those with pre-existing conditions while also lowering prescription drug prices.Affordable Care Act During this process, some of the Democratic representatives used themselves as examples to highlight the difficulty of getting proper health care coverage and the flaws of the current healthcare system. The exit polls also highlighted the fact that healthcare was one of the most important issues for voters, having a large influence on their vote. This was furthermore illustrated throughout the campaigning season, as the GOP’s effort to essentially reverse the Affordable Care Act received constant coverage and was always a topic of discussion.

With these results, the Democrats are now in a much better position to implement the promises of their campaign, stretching the limits of health care coverage, although it will obviously be difficult due to the opposition of the Republican-held Senate and the White House. Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, made health care costs her main focus during the campaign, and she reports that high drug prices will be one of the most important priorities in her opportunity to fulfill her promises. She hopes to stop the GOP and other governmental initiatives against Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, and other pre-existing government-sponsored healthcare programs. She understands that the high prescription and drug prices are a large burden for many individuals and families across America.

As previously mentioned, despite the potential with the Democrats’ victory, there are multiple obstacles in their ability to implement their suggested programs to ensure that Americans’ health care coverage is not negatively affected. They face the opposition of a Republican-majority Senate, including Mitch McConnell, whose repeal of the Affordable Care Act has received lots of media coverage. It is also suggested that McConnell is an ally of the pharmaceutical industry, whose interests are in direct opposition with the goals of the Democrat House of Representatives. Additionally, there is President Trump, who is well known to be both a friend and foe of the biopharma industry.

Despite these various obstacles, there is some promise with drug pricing officials showing an increased willingness to cooperate with Trump, creating a larger outline to lower prescription and drug costs. Although the progression of these initiatives has slowed and nearly come to a complete halt, the Democrats are actively pursuing methods to continue pushing forward with these plans. Interestingly, it was found that in individual states that Democratic representatives had mixed results despite having the commonality of focusing on health care. With all of this news in mind, it is unclear what the results of the newfound Democratic control of the House of Representatives will be, but what is clear is their objective to put health care as one of their main priorities and fulfill their promises.


What a Democratic House Means for Health and Medicine



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