Scientists Develop Nanoparticle Capable of “Eating Away” Arterial Plaque

Future Trials

This invention could lead to more effective treatment of atherosclerosis, which happens to be a major cause of death in the U.S.

Smith said the nanoparticle has other possible uses apart from the treatment of atherosclerosis as well. Furthermore, the study also offered proof of the striking selectivity and delivery potential of the scientists’ cutting-edge nanomaterial platform, he added.

Already, Smith has handed in a provisional patent application for the platform.

“We demonstrated that nanomaterials were able to selectively seek out and deliver a message to the very cells needed,” said Smith, who expressed a conviction that this is a better approach. “It gives particular energy to our future work, which will include clinical translation of these nanomaterials using large animal models and human tissue tests.”

The researchers plan to start marketing their advanced nanomaterial platform later in 2020.

Smith disclosed that future clinical trials will explore further how nanoparticles can reduce the incidence of heart attacks. He hoped that its high selectivity will significantly reduce the risk of side effects as well.


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