Morocco: Africa’s Health Infrastructure Needs More Politicians Like Mbarka Bouaida

Africa as a whole needs revitalization across many sectors, including the health sector. This means that Africans need leaders who will be willing to push for and achieve that revitalization. It is very rare to find people who aspire for political positions for the good of the people. The masses on their own have adapted to that kind of situation, which explains why many people get so comfortable with whatever it is that the politicians give out provided that they somewhat benefit from it. This shouldn’t be so. Nevertheless, there are still few people out there who are sincerely interested in changing lives for good. Amongst such people is Mbarka Bouaida. She is very interested in the health sector of Moroccans and Africans at large. What the African health sector needs are politicians who have great vision and who are highly selfless.

Mbarka Bouaida

Mbarka Bouaida. Copyright

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Her early life and history

A quick look at her early life and family background might give us an insight into what she stands for as a person. Mbarka Bouaida is a Moroccan politician who was born in 1975 in Laqqsabi near Guelmin. She served as a  minister delegate of foreign affairs and cooperation In the Benkirane government. She broke a record in 2019 when she was elected president of the Southeast region in Guelmin-Oued noun. She became the very first woman to be appointed a regional head. She has a degree from the graduate school of management in Casablanca, and an MBA from the graduate school of Hull,  and a Master’s in petroleum commission from the University of Toulouse. She has always been interested in serving her people which made her attain several political positions. In 2003, she was the director of Audit and management control for the Petrom group. Bouaida was elected under the women quota to the house of Representatives to represent Anfa in 2007 as a member of the National Rally of Independents (RNI). As of that time, she was the youngest member of the Parliament. She chaired the committee of foreign affairs, and the national defense and Religious affairs. She was in charge of relations between Morocco and the European parliament. She was elected to the city council of Casablanca in June 2009. In 2010, Bouaida was elected to a second parliamentary term outside the women’s quota. King Mohammed VI on October 10, 2013, appointed her minister delegate for foreign affairs. From 2017, she has been serving as secretary of state to the minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Since September 2011, Bouaida has been the Vice President of the international parliamentary forum for democracy. She is also a member of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe. Also, she is the general secretary of the Mostaqbal Association for Education. In 2012, she was named a young global leader by the World Economic Forum. In 2015, she led Morocco’s delegation to the White House summit on countering Extreme Violence.

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What she stands for

Mbarka Bouaida throughout her life has encountered many challenges. Part of it came because she is a woman. Other challenges came from external oppositions and people who didn’t deem her fit to be in a high political position. Despite this, she was still steadfast in her desire to serve her people. She was able to rise past her challenges which explains why she was even reelected in some of the offices she has previously handled. Currently, she is running for a political position, but sadly, she is not getting all the full support she needs from the people of Guelmin Oued Noun. This might be because she doesn’t want to join the politicians who bribe their way through elections by sharing bribes and other things that serve as an incentive to the people. She believes in what her leadership will bring. She has so many path-changing plans for the people of Guelmin. She is very much capable of taking the region to another level especially the health sector.  Judging from her performance as president of the southeast region, you will come to agree that she is very capable. When she was elected the president, she was faced with the challenge of settling the dispute which has been long-standing between the region’s RNI party and the socialist union of popular forces. Knowing that it will be a herculean task for her, she still faced it head-on without fear. This portrays her as a great leader and one who can take Guelmin to another level. In her tenure as the president of the region, she has played a major role in approving projects that will help better Guelmin Oued Noun. A very good example is the Fask Dam project which was built to serve as a vital socioeconomic asset in Guelmin. She was a major catalyst to the completion of that project which will serve to provide more opportunities for the region. She is also very interested in promoting youth affairs. She is trying to ensure that there are enough opportunities for the youth to reduce the suffering rate to the barest minimum. This can be seen in the agreement she signed with the Moroccan Center for innovation and social entrepreneurship. This agreement aims to mobilize young people in the field of entrepreneurship through a three-year action program with a budget of MAD 2.96 million (1 USD = 8.95 MAD). The agreement aims to involve more people in bringing more ideas that will promote entrepreneurship. This alone speaks volumes about the kind of leader she is. Mbarka is a leader who believes in teamwork for the betterment of everyone. Mbarka Bouaida has attained and delivered quality representation across several political positions. It stands to figure that she can go on to do much more as she has always delivered in all the offices she has handled. Coming from a wealthy family, she was already comfortable in life so she doesn’t need to embezzle funds. This means that she is fully out to serve and it will be best if the Guelmin populace gives her the maximum cooperation she needs to revitalize the local economy and particularly the health sector.

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In the process of her political career, Mbarka Bouaida has been asked quite a few questions. When she was asked why she became a politician, she answered that she has always been engaged in civil society, but when she saw the change in the Moroccan government, she wanted to be part of the change. She also disclosed that being a woman was some sort of advantage for her. This is because there is a real political will to support women and the youth. At a point, gaining acceptance from male colleagues was quite difficult, but after she won her second office in tenure, it further opened a wide range of opportunities and acceptance for her. She strongly believes that there is no absolute development without involving women. This is because women makeup half of the population and are very important in promoting social development.

Why Guelmin-Oued Noun and Africa’s health sector needs leaders like Mbarka Bouaida

Having outlined some of her achievements and political interest, you will agree with me that she is what Geulmin-Oued Noun and Africa’s health sector needs. She is currently very invested in seeing that the new Geulmin Hospital turns out to be a huge success. If that project gets completed, it is going to be a huge breakthrough for Guelmin as a whole. Also, there are so many projects going on for the improvement of local universities and the academic sector as a whole. She has been a major catalyst pushing for the completion and realization of those projects.

Also, having led a special delegation to fight violence, we can say for a fact that she will try to ensure that her tenure does not tolerate violence of any sort. Being a woman will even make her more compassionate. She has served the region and the country at different levels so she already understands the vision. She has a very clean record all through the various posts she has handled which explains why she keeps getting into different positions. She is a strong fighter against corruption. The Guelmim Oued Noun region needs leaders who will fight corruption and bring about positive changes. It needs leaders who have an intrinsic understanding of where the region needs to be. Leaders who will put their all in ensuring that they give out their best. Mbarka Bouaida fits into this role as made evident by her previous achievements. She was not deterred by the numerous challenges she has faced in the past. All the different opposition and obstacles which came her way did not change her mind in the type of support she has continually given. If she attains a higher position she will continue her good works and the health sector will benefit the most.  With the influence and connection she has built over the years, she will bring good opportunities to the people of the Guelmin-Oued Noun region.

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Women have continually changed the status quo when it comes to politics. Mbarka Bouaida had continually proven that she has all it takes to be a good leader for her country Morocco. The citizenry of the region should not fail to give her all the support she needs. Progress is inevitable if proper leadership is nurtured.


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