Men’s Health: Erectile Dysfunction Worsened by The COVID-19 Epidemic

Covid-19 infection and the current health conditions caused by the pandemic have negatively affected men’s sexual health according to a new study. In a  recently published review, urologists discussed the impact of the pandemic on men’s erectile function.



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Unexpected consequences

Urologists from several U.S. universities published a report on erectile dysfunction and Covid-19 in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews. They compiled 60 scientific publications on the subject by researchers from around the world. Many of these publications are commentaries on existing reports, and only twelve patient-based studies were included in the final collection.

According to them, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the incidence and severity of erectile dysfunction in men already affected by the problem. The coronavirus itself and general health history played a role.

Direct and indirect effects of Covid-19 on erectile function

Indeed, the coronavirus can act directly on the tissues of the penis, an organ in which the ACE2 receptor is present. Thus, the tissues necessary for erection can be damaged and no longer function properly. The virus can also act indirectly, by damaging blood vessels that are also essential for erectile function, or through brain inflammation, it can cause.

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The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone’s mental health. Anxiety, stress, and depression are on the rise, and their impact on male sexual behavior is still not well understood. In the studies reviewed, researchers found that men masturbated less and had sex less often during the pandemic, while erectile dysfunction increased. This was especially prevalent among men working in the healthcare sphere, where the psychological stress of Covid was greatest.

Poor access to medical care has exacerbated the problem

Due to hospital overcrowding and closures, some men who were being treated for erectile dysfunction have not been able to see their physicians, and in many cases have had to postpone planned surgery. In Fact, most non-urgent surgeries were canceled during the pandemic to avoid the higher risk of getting infected by SARS-Cov-2 in hospital settings.

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As the pandemic remains active, the number of Covid-associated erectile dysfunction cases may increase. U.S. urologists concluded that “this literature review has revealed new evidence that Covid-19 has particularly deleterious effects on men’s health and erectile function through biological, mental health, and health care access mechanisms.”


The Epidemic of COVID-19-Related Erectile Dysfunction: A Scoping Review and Health Care Perspective

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