Luc Montagnier Insists That the Virus Came out of a Lab in Follow-Up Interview

Professor Luc Montagnier, independent researcher and 2008 Nobel Prize winner for medicine for his discovery of HIV, was a guest of André Bercoff on Thursday 30 April, at Sud Radio.

Dr Luc Montagnier

Dr Luc Montagnier

Luc Montagnier provoked a controversy a few weeks ago by expressing his doubts about the origin of the coronavirus.

Now an independent researcher, the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine defended his point of view that the Coronavirus is man made in an interview by André Bercoff. For him, the most likely hypothesis is that the virus accidentally escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan.

The first infected weren’t in the market

Luc Montagnier, a researcher specializing in viruses for “a very long time”, was sometimes questioned, but above all he was distinguished by the fact that he was a member of the panel of experts who discovered HIV. In the midst of the pandemic, the professor inevitably became interested in Covid-19 very quickly: “It is interesting to know its origins, because we can derive new therapeutic tests from it and know what will happen to this epidemic in the future,” he explains.

The official version of the appearance of the coronavirus says that the coronavirus started at the fish market in Wuhan, where animals carrying the virus were bought and eaten, recalls Luc Montagnier. “This is a theory that does not correspond exactly to the reality of the facts,” he questions. “The first infected people were not in the market, they were more likely to be near the nearby laboratory,” the professor emphasizes.

Experiments for over ten years

In these laboratories, Chinese scientists “have been working for more than ten years on coronaviruses transmitted by animals, especially bats,” reports Professor Montagnier, who regularly reviews published reports. The experiments, which began after the SARS epidemic in Asia in 2003, were carried out by the Chinese scientists. “Bats are considered healthy carriers and therefore carry many viruses,” he explains. According to his hypothesis, “some of these researchers have tried to identify factors that could make these bats dangerous to humans. They started with a very similar model, but it was neither contagious nor pathogenic for humans because it had no receptor,” the professor suspects.

Luc Montagnier, hopes that one day “scientists will say so themselves. But at the moment “we are in such a climate; there are so many dead that nobody wants to carry this very heavy burden”, he admits. Another questionable problem is that one of these laboratories “is financed by the United States, and for quite a lot of money”. “It is also a factor that explains why nobody wants to bring the truth to light,” regrets Luc Montagnier.

Montagnier also discussed the presence of those HIV segments that are present in the novel coronavirus. He admits although similar segments might be present in other viruses, what remains highly suspicious is that all of these segments are all present in a small section of the coronavirus. Additionaly as the virus is mutating it seems to be mutating in those areas where the HIV segments were added.  According to him, the altered elements of this virus are eliminated as it spreads: “Nature does not accept any molecular tinkering, it will eliminate these unnatural changes and even if nothing is done, things will get better, but unfortunately after many deaths.”

The scientific community is adamant that the novel coronavirus virus is of natural origin and consider the theory of professor Luc Montagnier wrong as the scientific facts do not support it.

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Bellow is the full interview in French!


Professeur Luc Montagnier : “La théorie du marché aux poissons ne correspond pas exactement à la réalité des faits”

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