Lift The Ban On HGH – Help The Athletes!

So far HGH use has been recommended in very specific and FDA-approved setups. Using HGH for stamina, bone, and muscle build-up has been prohibited to an extent where the individuals using them can be incarcerated and the doctors that illegally prescribe them could leave the profession and be fined a hefty amount. HGH is only prescribed when the patient has shown all the symptoms and has also passed tests that suggest they are suffering from HGH deficiency.Athletes

It is believed by the athletes and non-athletes that HGH is a performance-enhancing drug that comes under the anti-doping laws and therefore, is banned by the FDA. But nowadays it is necessary to lift this ban and make the use of HGH legal for athletes and non-athletes in order to help heal their injuries faster and make them able to play again.

Extra Ordinary Physical Activity Demands Extra Ordinary Measures:

The first and foremost thing to understand is the lifestyle and the activities of the athletes. Right from their practice to their diet and the way they compete with their peers, athletes are not living in a normal routine. Their body is consuming a much larger quantity of carbohydrates and fats as compared to any other normal human being. Since their routine is different, they should be allowed to take HGH for improving their physical strength and performing well in sports.

Innovation must be brought in sports:

Right from the start of athletic events, things have changed a lot. So many new techniques and formats of sports have been introduced for introducing athletics to some innovative ideas. These creative steps are increasing the physical demand for athletics and other sports. It is high time to understand that the fans and followers of the athletes love them because of their performance. In order to keep their fan following intact, they need to maintain their bodies and performance in top shape. That is why the use of HGH should be made legal for athletes and non-athletes to get recovered from their injuries.

Steroids and Drugs are already Present in Prescribed Medicines – Why HGH is not Prescribed?

It is quite ironic that medical practitioners already prescribe such medicines which contain a specific quantity of steroids and drugs in order to ensure their patients’ speedy recovery. If such medicines can be made legal, the dire need for having HGH for athletes cannot be ignored. It is very pertinent to understand that an athlete’s career depends upon his/her performance and continuous practice. In the modern fast-moving world, these athletes cannot afford to take long breaks in their practice. Therefore, the swift recovery of the sportsmen must be kept prior. Moreover, the athletes surely do not want to get themselves replaced. That is the reason the FDA should legalize HGH’s use.

Human Growth Hormone Increases Physical Abilities of Athletes:

HGH is used by athletes to enhance and increase their physical ability and stamina. By the end of the day, it is the athlete’s physical strength and stamina with which they are able to perform well in sports. Moreover, the injuries lead to creating a gap in their performance in the field, and hence it affects their career. Legalizing HGH will lead to a level playing field for all the athletes who, otherwise, compete with a difference in the natural growth of their muscles and hormones.

Legalizing HGH will ensure a check on its use:

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Health Office of the Dietary Supplements, it has been observed that a significant number of athletes are already using supplements including HGH knowing that these are prohibited. This illegal use of hormones is creating two-fold problems. One of them is the increase in their sale in the black market and the other is their non-prescribed use. Both these issues are creating a number of problems. Legalizing HGH will help in getting rid of these grave issues. It will discourage illegal sales in the black market. This will also lead to a proper intake of HGH under a proper prescription by the doctors.




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