King Mohammed VI Allocates Sufficient Chloroquine Supply to Meet Morocco’s Pandemic Needs

As the number of COVID-19 cases rose steadily, King Mohammed VI was the first to officially allow Chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug to be used in coronavirus patients. With the order, Morocco was quick to ensure their country had sufficient stock of the highly demanded drug across the globe.



While countries including America face an acute shortage of Chloroquine, Morocco has enough stock of the drug to treat any potential pandemic demand.

The Morocco Ministry of Health is receiving substantial supplies of Chloroquine from a drug production unit located in Casablanca. The drug is then distributed to all hospitals across Morocco, stated Mahjoub Ahdi, the head of the supply department at the Ministry of Health. The statements were published on April 1 on the Morocco Health Ministry’s Facebook page via a virtual conference.

With numerous reputed researchers reporting Chloroquine to be a potentially effective treatment method for Coronavirus, government officials from Morocco quickly made deals with local as well as international drug suppliers to maintain a steady supply of Chloroquine.

As European countries including Italy, Spain, France, and even America suffered extensive loss of human lives and economic losses, king Mohammed 6th rapidly initiated essential measures to shut down the entire country by ordering a total lockdown with a night curfew. A billion-dollar fund was allocated to fight the coronavirus pandemic and also aid those that rely on daily wages by providing them with food and basic income. Also as many physicians deserted their stations with fears of contamination, King Mohammed VI was reportedly furious with their unethical behavior. To compensate for the lack of physicians, all military and government medical personnel have been reassigned to areas with deficient medical care. 

The Ministry of Health also secured the protection of all medical personnel by supplying required protective face masks to all the regional directorates of the ministry. Additionally, the health ministry has collaborated with the Ministry of Industry to maintain an ample supply of personal protective gear to all medical staff.

Personal protective equipment including face masks, hazmat suits, and other essential protective gear is being manufactured at numerous Moroccan textile factories to ensure sufficient supply for the medical personnel as well as the public. All manufactured protective gears are sent to the warehouse of the Moroccan Ministry of Health. This effectively prevents hoarding and selling of protective gear at high prices.

In addition to ensuring a constant supply of medications and protective equipment, the Moroccan government is actively spreading awareness among the public regarding necessary measures to protect people from becoming infected.
From the time when the first case was confirmed in Morocco on March 2, 2,691 COVID-19 tests have been conducted out of which 654 cases have been confirmed.


Morocco Among First Countries Worldwide to Secure Chloroquine Stock




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