Is Crohn’s Diseaseā€™s Cure Around The Corner?

Crohn’s disease and dandruff are closely tied as they originate from the same fungi Malassezia. Malassezia is found on the skin surface of billions of people. And leads to numerous dermatological conditions and in hosts with compromised immunity it may cause systemic infections. One way of treating crohn’s disease would be to get rid of the fungal causing it- Malassezia. Fungus Malassezia Malassezia Since Malassezia is of the skin commensal flora species, the host’s immune system is exposed to the fungi regularly. IgM and IgG specific to Malassezia can be easily detected in healthy individuals. Malassezia sensitivity depends on genetic … Continue reading Is Crohn’s Diseaseā€™s Cure Around The Corner?