Innovative Chinese Medical Device Simplifies Sperm Collection Process

Have you ever seen a machine that does all the hard work of masturbation sans hands? Automatic sperm extractors have proven to be that and more. The producers, a Chinese company, say it can be used to extract semen from males in a hospital environment—males who might just be too shy to masturbate in a hospital.

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While some people might have reservations, this equipment makes sperm collection faster, especially in busy hospitals. It also makes sense to collect the semen accurately to produce accurate results and this equipment affords us that.

Hospitals are purchasing it fast

Apparently, sperm extractors are in high demand because 10,000 units are sold each year and one goes for approximately $5,000. Health facilities have been acquiring it to meet hectic clinical schedules.

Hospitals use masturbation as their semen extraction method, and it’s not like they provide an “ejaculation room” or even anywhere conducive for that kind of activity. This makes it hard to collect semen for immediate analysis, showing the usefulness of this equipment.

The manufacturers say the interior of the machine is like the interior of a vagina, and it can replicate forward and backward sexual movements. This is very beneficial for males who have urogenital disorders that make ejaculation difficult.

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It also contains a lubricated massage pipe that can be adjusted to the height of the client, and the rate at which the movements occur can be adjusted too. Interestingly, the machine has a screen on top of it that shows a film that aids with the semen extraction process.

Scientists confirm that this new piece of technology is efficient and just what hospitals need.

It helps with premature ejaculation

With the funny talk happening on social media, we easily forget its other function: premature ejaculation behavioral training. According to the product description on the Alibaba sales app, the equipment can be used to treat premature ejaculation.

Approximately 35% of men experience premature ejaculation in the course of their sexual lives. One of the recommended treatment strategies is masturbation, an hour or two before sexual intercourse. This technique delays ejaculation during sex. However, it can get quite tiring, especially for couples with a “regular schedule.” Fortunately, the sperm extractor has come to the rescue.

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The release of the automatic sperm extractor into the market has brought about mixed feelings. The Chinese say that this equipment could just be the solution to the shortage of donor sperm. Critics might opine that this is just another sex toy in a long list of sex toys, but proponents would say this is an innovation that solves an existing, pressing need. What do you think?


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