InnerHealth Food Sensitivity Test Review: Is It The Best At-Home Food Test For You?

Food sensitivity issues are becoming more and more common around the globe. Research shows that intolerance to certain foods, such as milk, can occur in up to six in every 10 people that consume them.

InnerHealth Food Sensitivity Test

InnerHealth Food Sensitivity Test

Do you feel a little unwell, lethargic, or maybe develop skin issues after eating certain foods? If yes, you should seriously consider having yourself checked to see if you have a food sensitivity issue. And luckily you can easily have this test without visiting your doctor or a lab.

InnerHealth Food Sensitivity Test is one of many at-home testing options available. Can this product do a good job in helping to uncover a food sensitivity problem? You may wonder. What can you expect from it? Read our comprehensive review to the end to determine if this is the right test for you.

What is Food Sensitivity?

We think it is not exactly out of place to explain a little about food sensitivity before shifting focus to the InnerHealth tests.

Food sensitivity has to do with how your body responds to food consumption. It is an issue of the digestive system, resulting from the latter’s inability to perform at its best after you eat certain foods.

Sometimes referred to as food intolerance, the reaction usually occurs due to the absence of certain enzymes or the presence of additives or other substances. This inhibits healthy digestion.

It may be worth stating that food intolerance and food allergy are not the same, however. The former is a digestive system response while the latter is an immune system response. In an allergy, the consumption of a certain food triggers a reaction by the immune system, which, in turn, can impact organs in the body to produce unpleasant symptoms.

Common symptoms of food sensitivity include:

Food sensitivities can occur in people of all ages. Although they can be life-threatening in some instances, they are rarely so. But it does help to know if you have the problem, which is where at-home tests like InnerHealth can be quite helpful.

About InnerHealth

InnerHealth is a health-testing company with headquarters in Michigan, USA. It provides testing kits that enable customers to determine what foods their bodies cannot properly digest. In other words, it offers food sensitivity tests that you can conveniently do by yourself – well, for the most part.

You take the samples by yourself and ship them to the company, which is part of the Food Intolerance Testing Group. And you get your results without needing to go to a lab.

These sorts of food sensitivity tests are becoming more popular as more people try to identify and keep away from foods that leave them feeling uncomfortable or ill. They aim to help you enjoy what you eat without fearing any adverse reactions. You could find them helpful for enjoying an improved feeling of wellness.

InnerHealth tests are described as non-IgE mediated. What this means is that they are designed for food sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies that are linked to other factors than IgE antibodies. The reactions do not surface at once after consuming problematic food.

How Does it Work?

It takes only a few easy steps to be up and running when using this service. You start by selecting your preferred test and placing your order. After this, you will receive a short survey which, according to the company, you need to complete to enable it “discover your best path to feeling good.”

When you are done with the first steps, you will be sent the kit for taking your samples. This will also come with instructions on how to do the collection properly. It might take a few days from the time you made your order to when you will receive it.

For what InnerHealth describes as the “Classic Food Sensitivity Test,” you will not receive physical testing kits. The company will instead provide you with simple instructions on how to collect and submit your samples when you make your order. This move is intended at keeping down prices as much as possible.

The next step will be to collect the required samples using the instructions accompanying your kit. When you are done with that, you put them in a sealed bag, write your name and order number (in capital letters), and address to InnerHealth4You. Drop the bag in a USPS drop box at your local post office for onward delivery.

With the above steps completed, you now only need to wait for your results to be sent to you. This will take some days from the time the company receives your samples. You will be informed via email when your samples get to the lab; results would also be sent using the same medium.

What Samples Are Required?

InnerHealth is a class apart from several other similar tests in terms of the samples required. It needs the customer to provide two samples. You either provide your hair and blood samples or your hair and saliva samples.

The use of two samples for food sensitivity testing will arguably boost the accuracy of results. It helps to reduce cases of false positives.

While its use for testing might come across as surprising to some, your hair can help to unravel a lot about you. It takes records of everything you take in, including through inhalation.

Add to that the use of your saliva or blood sample. These are well-proven for detecting issues, including toxins and other foreign substances, in the body.

The likelihood of false positives is higher for tests done using only hair samples. This probably explains why such tests tend to be more low-priced.

What Testing Equipment Does InnerHealth4You Use?

For its food sensitivity tests, this company boasts that it utilizes the “Most Advanced Equipment.” The technology is said to include one of the most advanced Certified Class 11 medical scanners in the world.

InnerHealth4You says its laboratories keep to a high-quality management system in line with ISO EN 13485. It is certified to manufacture medical products.

The testing equipment at the company’s disposal is reportedly the same as that used by professional sports and Olympic teams as well as in the Russian space project. Several thousands of practitioners in Europe make use of it as well.

What’s the Cost?

InnerHealth provides two types of comprehensive tests. The first one involves the use of hair and finger prick (blood) samples while the other requires hair and saliva samples.

There are three different packages under each of these tests, namely:

  • Individual Food Sensitivity Test
  • Couples Food Sensitivity Test
  • Family Food Sensitivity Test

The individual package, which currently costs $159, is designed for a single person. For $269, you and your partner (two persons) can have the complete test. The family package (for four persons) offers the best value at $399.

It is worth noting that the above prices are for an 80% discount sale that is on at the time of writing. You might not get the same price at a later date.

Whichever package you purchase, your samples are tested on 1,069 items. These items include food products, such as milk, soy, egg yolk, peanut, duck, wheat, gluten, acetic acid, and beans. Additives, vitamins, minerals, preservatives, and non-food products are some of the others. You may check the full list on InnerHealth’s website.

Optionally, you could also request gut biome analysis, hormonal imbalance analysis, and/or metabolism analysis.

InnerHealth provides you with a 65-page, private, and personal report of your sensitivity test. You also get qualified nutritionist support.

Complementary Immune System Booster Program

When you purchase a test from InnerHealth4You’s website, you also get a free immune system booster program among the extras. This is a good thing and you may agree if you know the importance of the immune system to health.

If your immunity is in a good state, you have less to worry about the food you eat producing some unpleasant reactions. It puts your body in a better shape to fight illnesses and disorders.

The program, which comes as a PDF bundle, aims to help you get a better immune system by providing tips on how to fight stress and anxiety. It comprises:

  • The Mind Shifter
  • Self Healing Mind
  • Keep Calm And Boost Your Immune System

The Mind Shifter, a 72-pager, is a guide on right thinking to combat stress and anxiety.

Self Healing Mind equips you with practical steps on how to overcome negative thoughts and have a healthy mindset.

As for the 33-page Keep Calm And Boost Your Immune System, it is a valuable resource for anyone in need of ideas on the right kind of foods that can boost the immune system and promote great health.

Can You Pay With Insurance?

If you are wondering whether you can cover payment for InnerHealth food sensitivity tests with your insurance, it appears unlikely. InnerHealth doesn’t have a contractual relationship with any insurance companies for now.

These food sensitivity tests do not require a visit to your doctor’s office. They are at-home tests. It, therefore, means that you will more likely than not need to pay for them out-of-pocket.

The test provider argues that you could actually save money with an at-home food sensitivity test. This is in comparison to repeated visits to the doctor, with regard to what you pay out of pocket on those visits.

When Will You Receive Your Results?

Your results will be sent to you via email when they are ready. InnerHealth says this typically takes 7-10 business days from when your samples get to its lab.

If you do not see your results in your inbox within that time range, you may want to check your Spam or Junk folder. Your email service provider might place the email from the company there.

You simply need to look out for an email from the sender “Global Health Testing” with the subject “Intolerance Test Results.”

Do These Tests Always Eliminate Need for a Health Professional?

At-home food sensitivity tests can be useful for knowing if there are foods you should stay away from. This could go a long way in helping you to enjoy what you eat as well as avoid stomach issues and sleepless nights.

However, it is important to state that you might not be able to completely do without the help of a professional. Some of these tests may need an expert to fully or better explain their implications.

Granted that InnerHealth says its results are designed to be easy to understand for customers, there may be instances where a professional might be needed to make things clearer.

It is good to know that InnerHealth offers qualified nutritionist support. That would at least help to an extent. It should be useful for getting an idea of what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

An at-home food sensitivity test might suffice pending when you can visit a doctor, considering the associated costs. A health professional can help to make better sense of your results by taking your medical history into consideration.

InnerHealth Review – Conclusion

Food sensitivity and intolerance tests are empowering. They equip you with vital information that helps you to stay in charge of your health. If you suspect something in your diet may be to blame for some unpleasant symptoms you have, the at-home tests can be valuable for knowing what the culprits are.

The InnerHealth tests are especially more reliable in that they involve the use of two different types of samples. This reduces the potential for false positives and provides you with results you can count on.

We think these tests, which have been featured on Fox and NBC among others, offer a great value for money. For instance, some rival offerings available for the price of the lowest package use only a single sample.

Add to all that the claim that the company uses cutting-edge testing technology. You can’t help but be impressed. InnerHealth food sensitivity test looks like one of the best at-home kits currently available.


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