HPV: Causes, Types, Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

Periodic screening

We already mentioned the importance of periodic screening for cancer. Experts advise that women who are 25 to 65 years of age should get screened periodically for cervical cancer. They should have regular Pap tests to detect any abnormality in time.


You may not be aware you have an HPV infection. This is because you might not notice anything unusual. If you see symptoms, genital warts are most likely to be noticed. They affect a significant number of sexually active persons at any given time.

Warts do go away or may no longer be noticeable after some time. Many people who had them never knew they did because of this. But you should consider speaking with your doctor immediately after you start feeling pain or getting embarrassed by these bumps.

Do take note that certain strains of HPV can give rise to precancerous lesions. If care is not taken on time, they can lead to the development of cancer. This makes vaccination and periodic screening even more important.





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