How Prevalent Is Poor Quality CBD in the Market and How to Avoid It?

CBD is one of the world’s newest and most promising medical treatments. Some have called it a wonder drug, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it help with mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, but it can also be used for chronic pain and epilepsy.



If you are going to take CBD, then you need to find a brand that’s reliable, well-made, and free from harmful additives and chemicals. This article will tell you exactly how you can do that, so you can get the most for your money:

Poor Quality CBD

Unfortunately, poor quality CBD is present in the market, although it is not common. There are however industry standards that manufacturers have to adhere to. Most users will expect at the very least to have their CBD derived from organically grown plants and extracted using non-chemical methods. As a general rule of thumb, if a manufacturer doesn’t advertise their product as organic and chemical-free, then it is probably poor quality. This is because CBD manufacturers pride themselves on the quality of their products. When they don’t talk about their product’s quality, it’s a bad sign.

Water Soluble

If you want to ensure that you always buy quality CBD, then you should look for water-soluble products [in addition to being derived from organic plants and extracted using safe methods]. Research has shown that water-soluble CBD can have a better effect in supporting your health and wellbeing because more CBD is absorbed by your body. According to the people from, water-soluble CBD products yield up to 30 times more absorption than traditional oil-based products. This makes them a much better option, especially if you are using CBD medicinally.

Hempseed Oil

New CBD users often mistakenly purchase hempseed oil, believing that it is CBD. It is not. While hemp seed oil does contain negligible amounts of CBD, it will not produce the same effects as CBD products will. Hempseed oil is often marketed in supermarkets, grocery stores, and some health stores as being the same as CBD, but it is not. Whenever you purchase CBD products, you need to make sure that they are derived from the Cannabis plant or from the leaves of the hemp plant, not hemp seeds [as hempseed oil is]. CBD oil will be clearly labeled as CBD oil.

Reputable Dealers

When you are buying CBD products online, one of the best ways to avoid poor-quality products is to deal exclusively with reputable and well-known dealers. One way to find out whether a dealer is reputable or not is to check their reviews on Google and TrustPilot. You should always take on-site reviews with a pinch of salt because they can easily be exaggerated or falsified. Dealers with five stars and good reputations are less likely to sell poor quality CBD products because doing so would damage their reputation and deter people from doing business with them.

Asking Online

If you have found a retailer, but you are not sure whether they have quality CBD or not, then it can’t hurt to ask around online. The CBD community is huge. There are forums, blogs, websites, chat rooms, and video channels dedicated to CBD. You should sign up for one of these websites and ask members of the CBD community what their opinion is of the retailer. In addition, you can ask them to recommend quality manufacturers to you. Don’t just take a recommendation at face value, however, make sure to conduct your own research into them. You should do the same for referrals from friends.

Lab Results

Most CBD manufacturers who sell quality products will post their lab results online. These lab results will show exactly how much CBD content a product has, as well as what other cannabinoids and additives are present. These results are a great way to find out whether a product is of quality or not. If a manufacturer doesn’t [or refuses to] post lab results, then it is indicative that their products are not quality and that they are contaminated with additives and chemicals. Many CBD products will actually have their lab results displayed on the side of the product’s packaging.

Final thoughts

If you want to avoid poor quality products then most experts would recommend that you check lab results to ensure that the product you are considering is organic and chemical-free.

CBD can be used to treat a number of health conditions. Like all medicines, for it to work, it needs to be pure and unadulterated. This article should have explained exactly how you can avoid poor-quality products, which you should do for the sake of your health.




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