Growth Hormone: How Does One Overdose On HGH?

HGH replacement therapy remains the best way to treat HGH deficiency. It, however, works effectively when used in the right amount according to the doctor’s prescription. Misusing the dosage by using it for a prolonged period of time or in excess can cause serious complications. HGH overdose can adversely affect you in the long run or for a short period of time.


Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone

Healthy people should not experiment with HGH treatment for whatever reason. Patients suffering from HGH deficiency are advised to take optimal doses- regulated by a physician to avoid experiencing side effects. Most doctors will start off patients on a low dosage of HGH injections; these doses are administered in moderation to monitor the body’s reaction.

The protocol follows that the injections be used for 5 days and let the body rest for 2 days. This protocol’s efficacy has been proven in regulating how injections rotation should be done over time. It helps with the rotation for example; the left side of the stomach, right love handle, a few inches above the belly button, 2 inches to either side of the belly button, etc.

HGH therapy is one of the most effective treatments for HGH deficiency, chances of misuse are more likely and their consequences rather severe. Though not evident immediately, there are many issues that arise from HGH overdose.

Symptoms of Overdosing

HGH injection overdose symptoms include but not limited to:

  • Pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles
  • Arthritis
  • Increased water body retention
  • A notable increase in insulin resistance and if abuse is extensive, total insulin rejection
  • Development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a medical condition that causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the arms and hands. Usually, it is a result of the affected median nerve which can be caused by HGH overdose.
  • Acromegaly
  • HGH Gut
  • Cancer
  • Leukemia

The symptoms listed above apply to healthy individuals using HGH without following dosage instructions. Patients using HGH therapy to treat HGH deficiency may experience different side effects which are usually mild and treatable. Their treatment normally involves adjusting injection dosage until the body gives a positive reaction.

Only patients suffering from HGH deficiency should be allowed to get HGH treatment injections from home. These patients must get the medication from qualified and reputable pharmacies. However, not all HGH deficiency cases warrant HGH replacement therapy right away.

Physicians tend to do a thorough analysis of test results for symptoms that qualify for HGH injections. Although some patients are clinically HGH deficient they might not show symptoms.

Why Avoid HGH Overdose

Before embarking on HGH replacement therapy, make sure you seek a doctor’s advice. A specialist will recommend a tailored dosage depending on your age, gender height symptoms, and your body’s IGF-1 concentration.

IGF-1 determines if you are HGH deficient or not. The recommended IGF-1 level for healthy persons is 250ng/dl. If the level falls below 200ng/dl, that indicates deficiency and the individual is viable for HGH replacement therapy. Therapy is supposed to raise IGF-1 levels to 250-290ng/dl and the patient is supposed to discontinue treatment. If IGF-1 concentration exceeds 300ng/dl one starts experiencing HGH overdose effects.

Once the doctor prescribes HGH replacement therapy, they will teach you how to do it at home and how to administer accurate doses. This will help avoid complications that arise from HGH injection overdose as some people overdose unknowingly.

How to avoid accidental overdose

There are numerous optimal injection methods. The best way to avoid complications that result from overdose is the low-dose, high-frequency method. This method focuses on ensuring the body gets the dosage enough to keep it running without flooding it with hormones.

Alternatively, break down the hormone intake into two half-doses administered twice a day, this approach minimizes the risks of side effects.


While HGH replacement therapy has been termed as safe and efficient for HGH deficiency treatment, it is also possible to overdose. Excessive use after treatment or using HGH injections on a healthy individual could lead to severe damage to the pituitary gland. It may cause irreversible damage and the pituitary gland be unable to produce HGH ever again


Growth hormone: uses and abuses

Growth Hormone (Parenteral Route)

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