Healthy Aging: Habits That Seniors Should Take Up to Live Long Healthy lives

Old age can be a very beautiful phase of life. Seniors are to be envied, I mean who doesn’t want to live long? But the quality of the longevity is just as, if not more important than the quantity.Old Couple

The old folks with and around us, deserve a fulfilling, fruitful long old age. They need to know that they are important, vital, and valuable to the community and community building. Old age doesn’t have to be all downhill, we can still make ‘some lemonade, from the ‘lemon’ life, served us. Our seniors can still live to the fullest.

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In the paragraphs that follow we have tried to explain, briefly, practical steps to make your old folks not only live quantitatively gratifying but also qualitatively gratifying lives

It is also important that before putting these steps to full application, you discuss with the doctors and caregivers to make necessary modifications in order to deliver personalized care to your old folk.

Things that can prolong the length and improve quality of life

Subscription to viable, working life insurance

This is perhaps one of the most important steps in attempting to prolong the life of seniors. Reports say that seven out of every ten adults above the age of 65 will require long-term care insurance services. The beauty of securing long-term care insurance for seniors is that it takes off the burden of caring for them. No one in the family has to quit their job to take care of the senior.

As such, the family members get to retain their jobs, income, and retirement benefits.

It gets better, you don’t have to spend all your life-saving in the name of ‘qualifying for financial support’

Just a little amount from this month’s paycheck, and a little amount from the next months’ paycheck and you are good to go!

Ensure you take a good look at top long-time care services and read through all the fine print about their offer and requirements.

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Watch out for depression in seniors and treat it accordingly

Depression is commonplace in seniors, it is really dangerous because it kills silently and surely. Important triggers could be chronic illness, long-term medications, cognitive impairment, home loneliness, and retirement. It could get worse if the senior has lost a loved one. You must understand that treatment of this doesn’t rest solely on your doctor, you have a big role to play! You might even be the one who plays the earliest and most important role, which is recognition of signs of depression in your old folks.

Common signs of depression in seniors may include poor appetite, loss of interest in activities, sadness, insomnia, easy fatiguability, irritability, etc.

If you notice any of these signs consult the doctor at once.

Do your bit to cheer up again, let them feel loved, special, and fulfilled.

Assign them daily tasks in order to find meaning

One of the common problems of old folks is the feeling of having ‘lost purpose’. They probably have lived out their youthful days chasing dreams, hustling, and contributing significantly to society. But as it stands, because of limitations, no thanks to old age, they can not keep chasing those dreams as vigorously as they once had.

That ‘drop-in energy’ gets into the heads of a good number of them, they hence feel ‘purposeless’. A simple way of solving this is by assigning to them easy tasks such as babysitting, cooking, mowing a lawn, folding laundry, etc.

These tasks will keep them engaged, and more importantly, give them a sense of belonging, so they know that they are still contributing positively to the family and the society at large.

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Regular physical exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are legion. In seniors, it could go a long way to help them avoid debilitating chronic illnesses, keeping them in great physical shape. It also makes them feel good, confident, alive! All these add up to promote quantity and quality of life.

Regular social interaction

Nothing caters to the mental wellbeing of seniors like social interaction. True they may be old and have different world views, and sometimes you might be tempted to leave them alone. But that’s definitely not the best approach.

The better thing to do is to educate them, teach them, who knows? They could learn a new hobby, new skill from you that will keep them engaged all day. These activities do not only keep them mentally sharp, but they also create a sense of purpose in them

Furthermore, seniors should be invited to social functions, gatherings, etc, and encouraged to contribute actively to those meetings. Tap into their wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience!

Enroll seniors in community service

Being an old person doesn’t exclusively mean they have to be at the receiving end of care, in fact, they can provide care to others. Opportunities abound for volunteerism,  check out Foster grannies can serve as mentors to children and young adults with peculiar problems, tutoring, renovation of homes, helping immigrant families learn English, arranging watch programs.

Always surround them with company

Never leave your old folks alone. Never! It is a fertile breeding ground for feelings of depression and rejection. It gets worse, as isolated seniors are at higher risk of dementia and a lower life span. According to reports, one of every three united states adults above age 65 is lonely. That’s bad You should try as much as possible to keep them connected to friends, family, and society.

Encourage them to interact as much with neighbors, enroll them in support groups, this will go a long way in making sure they live a productive life.

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Old age does not have to be all dark and gloomy. Old age could be vibrant, productive, memorable, and fun-filled. We only need to make the right decisions and be consistent with them.

Enroll your old for the long-term care services, encourage them to interact with family, friends, neighbors. Let them carry out less stressful house chores.

Don’t forget to encourage them to exercise, eat healthily and the likes.

These tips will go a long way to make sure your old folk’s last years are magical.




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