Hardcore Liberals and Hardcore Conservatives Likely to Behave like Sheep as They Both Gave up on Critical Decision-Making

When it comes to political points of view, everybody believes their ideology is the right path to building a better governmental structure. The prevailing opinion will always fluctuate in support of the political figure who is willing to tell the people what they want to hear. This support will yo-yo between the extremities of political parties as each one will come with the aim of selling their ideas to the people or with the aim of getting into power. Few leaders will take up the mantle of political leadership and govern with the sole aim of implementing their political manifestos. Liberalism and conservatism are the two political schools of thought that have dominated the political space for years. The government has always rotated between these two ideologies. Much like the yin and yan of balance in nature, they keep rotating around each other, with those on the periphery pulling the weight to eventually decide who is going to control the helm of affairs. Those on the periphery of each school of thought who are more willing to support anybody irrespective of their political party are influential as the more tactical politician focuses on convincing them to buy into his ideology, knowing his political party, with its structure, will deliver the votes of those who share core foundational values as the party, either liberals or conservatives. This political setup has put government officials a step ahead, ensuring they know how to play the masses well during campaigns and public addresses of the masses.

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Blind Followers

Blind Followers

Liberals and leftism

Liberals constitute the left of the political spectrum as they believe in the supremacy of individual human rights and are almost totalitarian in their quest for freedom and liberation of citizens from the tyranny of the law and political leaders. Hardcore liberals believe in the total emancipation of the general population. They object that power belongs to the common man and everybody is equal and so also equally accountable before the law. The nature of their stand means that there is no room for racism, suppression of rights of any kind, homophobia, and any other prevailing societal questions that have been left unanswered. Liberals take everything by the horn and then agree that the people have the right to decide how decisions about them should be made by elected officials who they voted into power. They believe in the decentralization of power and that more power and decision-making should be given to the people. This position has made many political leaders take an interest in using their stance to gain their votes and political affiliations.

Conservatives and the “no need for change”

Conservatives will preserve everything from wildlife and nature to ancient laws and traditions. They are more detached from the trend of the time as they are focused on ensuring that principles, guidelines, and order which have existed right from the time are maintained in the proceedings of government and other associated bodies.

Hardcore conservatives have, by nature of their principles, given themselves a bad reputation over the years. They have little tolerance for change or nonconformism and impose heavy and debilitating sanctions against those who do not agree with their school of thought. Conservatives resist change and thus make an appealing group for politicians who are content with keeping the status quo. The affinity for such groups can only raise questions as to the interest of the politicians or politics considering how that change is an inevitable phenomenon and what matters is how we react and direct the change. Conservatives as a political group can easily be subverted because it sometimes takes a critical look to distinguish between far-right and mainstream conservatism.

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The defining difference between hardcore liberals and hardcore conservationists

The defining difference between liberals and conservationists is that they feel they have different approaches to political responses to societal changes. Only that careful observation of the government’s response to these societal changes has always been the same, irrespective of whether it’s a right-wing or left-wing party in office. Approaches and policies always look different in both execution and probably implementation. The theory of fusionism explains how the liberal and conservationist principles have gradually integrated into a single concept (at least for the politicians who have to respond to the issues on a large scale and please both the conservationists and liberals in one policy).

So while each political party uses its faction of supporters to gain office and seemingly respond to societal matters in ways that’ll please or more like conform to the principles of their base support group, they time and time again make significant decisions that should mark defined boundaries between conservatives and liberals, only for it to be blurred in execution and integration, making it hard to differentiate where each government stands.

The sheepish nature of hardcore liberals and hardcore conservatives

Being a liberal or a conservative in itself does not do much to define an individual’s reasoning capability. But when it comes to being hardcore, many questions are asked and very few satisfactory answers are given. Once an individual identifies as a hardcore, it is easily observed how they’ve lost their decision-making ability in their quest to be heard and the sometimes selfish desire to make an impact. A liberal or conservative who is not hardcore will always be willing to find common ground, engage in dialogue, or understand when necessary to make concessions. But hardcore voters don’t seem to think that way. Hardcore voters’ first and foremost priority is to ensure that the agenda is moving forward. Whether they understand the agenda or not is inconsequential, it’s just the decision made by the head that’s important. Without reasoning or calculatedly deducing the effects of such decisions, they take it up as a mantra and principle to be defended with their life. The result of this level of gullibility has always been the same, an army of unenlightened people (or sheep) fighting for the agendas they do not understand.

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The National Post in an article once critiqued the hardcore liberals as being the deadweight the democrat party has to either let go of or convince to step up to the terms of change and concession in 2012 after the party had lost three consecutive elections. This same stand can very much be attributed to the rise and fall of Donald Trump Snr., undeniably a conservative who has the unwavering support of hardcore conservatives. This support probably led to the unruly events during the Capitol Hill invasion by supporters of Trump.  The thoughtless actions of hardcore supporters from both ends of the left-right spectrum only go to show that hardcore supporters are sheep who just take orders without reasoning and duly considering consequences. They act first and realize later what they could have thought of.


While many liberals and conservationists would like to agree that they are fighting a more significant cause in their independent quest for change and resistance to change respectively, they only make a good base support group for political parties and government aspirants to use to gain entry into office.


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